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Published on March 7th, 2014 | by thevyne


#DoWhatYouLove: Erica Ash

Hip Hop Weekly Spread

Tell us your occupation – what it is that you love?

I am (and absolutely LOVE being) a Performing Artist in TV, Film and Theater

Was this something you always thought you wanted to do?

In the back of my mind yes; though I was always steered towards more “stable” career choices (i.e. doctor or lawyer).

So what was the catalyst? How and when did you decide that that was what you wanted to do?

I actually believe it was divinely decided for me.  See I followed my parents’ instructions and decided to go the doctor route.  Only I got really bored of it and tired of studying so hard for something I was not passionate about.  So after college I begged for a break before going to Med School. It was during that break that I ended up “falling” into gig after gig after gig and really loving it!

What has been most gratifying about following your passions?

Actually DOING it and being successful when so many people said I could/would not.  It’s the personal lesson I’ve learned that all you need is faith in YOURSELF and in GOD and if it’s meant for you it’s yours.  No one can make it “un-yours.”   

What advice do you have for women who are afraid or reluctant to follow their dreams?

Go on and keep being scared but don’t be mad when someone else has the courage to do it!!  See I believe talents/gifts are energy.  And energy ALWAYS has to flow.  If your own thoughts are a clog TRUST that God will use another pipe.  So stop TRIPPIN and get out of your own way! (**she dramatically drops the mic and exits stage left**)

What are you looking forward to for 2014? What are you working on and where can we find you?

I am looking forward to the best year of my life financially, workwise, relationship wise and most importantly in my spiritual growth. Unfortunately I cannot be specific on which projects I’m signed onto as press releases have yet to go out. However, I can say that I will have a strong TV presence this year and will be shooting on both coasts!

Where to find Erica: (website) (comedic advice blog)

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