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Published on February 10th, 2014 | by thevyne


#DoWhatYouLove: Marina de la Torre

Marina del Torre

February is all about love, so this month we’re kicking off a #DoWhatYouLove series featuring brave women who have changed their careers to follow their dreams. Stay tuned to later this month when we’ll feature several more women who are doing what they love.

Tell us your occupation – what it is that you love?

I’m a board certified health and life coach.

I love guiding women step by step how to naturally nurture their body, nourish their mind and feed their soul for lasting health and happiness.

Was this something you always knew you wanted to do?

I always knew I wanted to explore having my own business.  Didn’t always know what that business should be like or about until I started connecting the dots between this desire and my natural inclination to help people get healthy.

I’ve always been very athletic and my interest in sport’s competitions taught me how to eat and rest properly for better performance.

I’ve always been the person my friends, colleagues and fellow trainees would come for training and nutrition advice as I love sharing what I’ve learned through my own experience or from studying the different topics.

This is how the idea of launching my own health and wellness business started to shape.

Tell us about your career path prior to your current position.

I went to college to study business and joined corporate America right from the start of my professional career.  Later I pursued an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and continued my corporate career working for Fortune 150 companies in the banking and food industries, nationally and internationally. I had a very successful 15+ years corporate career before I decided to quit it all and launch my own business.

So what was the catalyst? How and when did you decide that this was what you wanted to do?

My own mindful search for a more balanced lifestyle started at a time when I found myself more overwhelmed than usual juggling a highly stressful job, navigating a wavy relationship, squeezing in some exercise before the gym’s closing time and eating anything at anytime. I remember feeling always tired, moody, and unmotivated despite my efforts to overcompensate these feelings with instant gratification activities (like shopping), comforting foods (too many lattes in my case), and superficial conversations with friends and family (read complaining all the time). I reached a point where I did not recognize myself anymore and longed for the ‘old’ me. Deep down inside I knew that I had to pause and really focus on reestablishing my true Self – the happy, healthy, active, restful, caring, and motivated Marina I knew I was.

At that stage I plucked up my courage to leave my corporate job to channel my energy on what I really wanted to do: formally learn more about coaching, nutrition, and emotional intelligence so I could create my own wellness entrepreneurial (ad)venture.

What has been most gratifying?

Witnessing my clients’ transformation, from physical to mentally and spiritually.

What advice do you have for women who are afraid or reluctant to follow their dreams?

My advice is take calculated risks.  Work with your fear instead of agains it.  If you are afraid that you won’t make “enough money” then focus on your passion during the weekends, or get a part time job that pays the bills and invest the rest of the time in building your business.  If your fear is that you “don’t know enough or how to do it”, take baby steps and build confidence in yourself, one achievement a a time.

I also would encourage them to do some soul searching and truly connecting to their purpose.  Ask yourself WHY you want to do follow your dream.  Ask yourself WHY and find the route cause of it, find your essence.   Following your dream is not an easy ride, and you’ll encounter many road blocks, so it’s imperative to know well why you want to do what you want to do.  The true core reason is what will keep you going despite the challenges.

What are you looking forward to most in 2014?

In 2014 I look forward continuing on this enriching journey, both at the personal and professional level.  I look forward to keeping present and open to unimaginable opportunities.

Where can our readers find you on the web? and (in Spanish)

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