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Published on February 1st, 2014 | by thevyne


9 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 4.48.43 PMDuring the winter months, cuddling up with some comfort food and drinking a cup of hot cocoa sounds a lot better than going outside and running, doesn’t it (or maybe it’s just me)? This makes our bodies slow down and the next thing we know we have a few extra pounds that don’t seem to want to go anywhere. Sometimes our metabolisms just need a good kick in the butt to burn the calories we need them to. So here are nine things you can do to jump start yours this week:

1. Get some sleep (but not too much): The American Journal of Health Promotion published a study that found that women who slept under 6.5 hours or over 8.5 were more prone to have higher body fat. Waking up at the same time every day also contributed to maintaining a healthy weight. So go to bed early and get your sleep to get on the right path.

2. Drink water: When your body is dehydrated your metabolism may slow down to conserve energy. And, as we told you before, drinking cold water may help to boost your metabolism as well. Want to know how much water is enough? One key indicator is to look at your urine. If it looks like the color of lemonade or lighter, you’re doing well.

3. Strength and interval training: According to Gary Hunter, PhD, a professor of human studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, doing strength training just a couple of times a week, can reverse 50% of the age-related metabolism slowdown. You can also make your workouts more efficient and increase your metabolism when you alternate between high and low impact cardio. One way to do this when you’re running outside or on a treadmill is to put on your workout playlist and alternate between sprinting for a half of a song, then walking or jogging for the other half of a song.

4. Cook with coconut oil: Coconut oil has been proven to burn off hard to lose stored fat as well as increase metabolism. Though coconut oil contains saturated fat, the fat consists of medium-chain fatty acids, which are easily converted to energy. One study in particular from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that medium-chain fatty acids increased metabolism and helped to burn off stored fat. Even that stubborn belly fat. So start replacing butter and olive oil with coconut oil and see if it helps you.

5. Drink coffee and/or green tea: Caffeine has been shown to boost metabolism, but definitely don’t overdo it, especially if it impacts your sleep. Green tea has also been shown to help with metabolism. Not only does it have caffeine, but it also has an antioxidant called EGCG that has been linked to increasing metabolism.

6. Don’t forget your dairy.  One study out of the University of Tennessee found that eating three servings of dairy per day substantially reduced body fat in obese subjects, and if they restricted calories it also increased weight and fat loss. Researchers believe that the combination of calcium, vitamin D, and protein in dairy products can help you lose fat by “supporting the preferential deposition of calories into muscle rather than fat,” says Dr. David L. Katz, associate professor of public health at Yale University. A University of Copenhagen study also found that calcium helps your body get rid of waste and metabolize fat more efficiently. So, grab that glass of milk or some low fat yogurt!

7. Make it spicy! Apparently hot peppers contain capsaicin, an element which can increase the heat in your body, resulting in a temporary spike your metabolism. And, according to CNN, it could jolt your metabolism by 20-25%. Shake some hot sauce or sriracha on your next meal!

8. Sprinkle in some herbs: The herbs dill and chives include a flavonoid called kaempferol, which can increase thyroid hormones to kick your metabolism in gear by 150%. Salmon with chives and dill, anyone?

9. Yoga: Yoga is not only great for increasing your strength and flexibility, but it also can help increase your metabolism in many ways including better balance, circulation and digestion. Another great reason to love yoga.

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  1. Thanks for the info. This post is very beneficial to someone who is trying to lose weight.

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