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Published on January 27th, 2014 | by thevyne


5 Ways to Get Your Focus Back

how-to-get-your-focus-backGenerally people wait until about March to admit they fell off the ol’ “resolution wagon.” But the reality is, it’s the first few weeks of the year that are the hardest. It’s in the beginning, when you’re first starting to build new habits, that you’re the most vulnerable to reverting back to old ways. So, for those of you…ah hem…those of US who have fallen off the wagon, here are five quick tips to get you back on track: 

  1. Revisit Your Goals – Go back to your basic goals. What did you decide you wanted to accomplish this year? What were your “big ticket” items? Remind yourself what those goals were and why they are important to you. Perhaps it’s something you’ve wanted to achieve, something you’ve been wanting to try, something you’ve been wanting to learn or something you’ve been wanting to let go of. Whatever it is, remind yourself of it and connect back to the reason why it’s important for you.
  2. Rewrite Your Mantra – The pep talk you used for yourself last year may not be the same pep talk you need this year. Revisit your mantras or affirmations. Are they serving you? If not, rewrite them. What do you most need to hear to keep yourself focused and on track? It could be words promoting esteem, words affirming a state of being, words describing your ideal mood/day/feelings. Decide what you need to hear. Write it down and tell it to yourself first thing every morning.
  3. Evaluate/Restructure Your Week – It’s important not to forget that when you’re trying to change your behavior, whether for a resolution or otherwise, all systems surrounding the behavior to be changed need to tweaked. So look at your week. Decide if there are things you’re continuing to do that serve the old behavior as opposed to the new behavior. Eliminate any weekly behaviors or habits that don’t serve your new resolution. Call yourself out!
  4. Define Your Monthly Incentive – If it’s a choice between the carrot and the stick, I’m all for the carrot. So what’s your carrot? A massage? Facial? New bag? New book? Movie date? Special meal? Decide what your incentive is and reward yourself every other week when you haven’t deviated from your goals/new behaviors. It will keep you motivated.
  5. Tell People What You’re Doing- I know, I know…. the idea of holding yourself accountable feels like a lot of pressure. So maybe pick one aspect of your goals for this year that you feel comfortable sharing and share it. Share it with someone you trust, who you won’t mind having ask you about it periodically. A little pressure of accountability can be healthy.


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