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Published on December 27th, 2013 | by thevyne


The Vyne 9: Nine Things We Should All Agree to Leave in 2013


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  1. Blackface – It’s beyond befuddling that this even has to be on a list in 2013. Can we all please agree that “blackface”, no matter how well intentioned or how popular the character, is just not okay? You want to be Whoppie? President Obama? The First Lady? Have at it…just don’t “brown up” for it. Not necessary.
  2. Twerkin’– Have mercy…please stop with this. Just stop. Everyone. Celebrities, nobodies and everybodies in between…let’s leave this craze in twenty-twerk-teen.
  3. Over sexed Awards/Stage Performances – This goes right along with “twerkin’”… ladies, we have many, many talents…must we always rely on the most obvious of them (e.g. our looks and sex appeal)? No shade to beautiful women everywhere but 2013 seemed to be the year of everyone trying to up sex, out twerk and under dress each other. Trying to pass off a bad case of narcissism as artistry is getting tired.
  4. Congress – For the love of Pete, run don’t walk to the polls on Nov 4, 2014. Between the government shut down and the record setting amount of “in-action” by this Congress, I think it’s safe to say we can leave this bunch in 2013 and elect a new bunch. A “do something” bunch.
  5. Open Letters by and/or to Celebrities – Some of these have been entertaining and even well written we’ll admit…but by and large, it seems the only thing the “open letter” tactic really achieves is press for the writer or site that publishes it. You never see the person who the letter was written to saying, “you know what…I’m gonna change because of your letter. Thanks pal!” Let’s agree to find a new and more effective tactic in 2014.
  6. Stand Your Ground – The stand your ground law…also known as the “I can pop a cap at anyone I want to for no real reason at all” law. This year saw too many unnecessary deaths because people thought guns were the best means to solving problems. And just like swatting a fly with a hammer, it was way too much.
  7. People Sticking their foot in their mouth about Race and Sexuality – This is pretty self explanatory. A la Paula Deen, Justine Sacco, the Duck Dynasty dude, Fox News on any given day, etc. We’re all for “free speech” but offensive and insensitively reckless commentary on race and sexuality really needs to go out of style quick, fast and in a hurry. Think before you speak people.
  8. The Hair Pulling Reality TV Genre – Ok, we know this one is going to take some weaning off so it might not get completely left in 2013. And yes we’ve admittedly peeked through our fingers at an episode or two. But if we can just start to slowly ratchet back the ratchness and make room for a bit more positive (and still entertaining) images of women on TV that would be really great, yes?
  9. Keep Calm and “Fill in the Blank”– This was cute the first time. It was even cute the second, third and fourth time when it became “Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes”, “Keep Calm and Eat Bacon”, Keep Calm and Drink Wine.” Now, we just want to see…”Keep Calm and Leave This in 2013.”

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