Published on October 31st, 2013 | by Kailei Carr


5 Halloween Costumes That Need Retiring Immediately

As you saw on our article earlier today, we identified at least one costume that shouldn’t see the light of day again, but we have identified a few more to add to the list. So as we wrap up Halloween 2013, let’s think about what we WON’T wear next year or ever again:

1) Pimp Costume for Little Boys

Pimp Little Boy Costume

First of all, can we just say “no” to both pimps and prostitute costumes at any age? But when I saw this children’s costume for a young child, I was beside myself! I was wondering why he was a fat pimp, then I saw he’s actually a “Phat Pimp.” As much as that did give me a good chuckle, I am still appalled that someone would make a pimp’s costume for a child.








2) French Maid for Little Girls

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.26.02 PM

 I saw one post about this that said “Happy Halloween, Pedophile-style” which is so perfect for this one. Lo and behold, it wasn’t hard to find a Child French Maid Costume equipped with the shoulders out. Are you serious? Whoever is coming up with these should be almost as ashamed as any parent purchasing these for their children. Again, this sexy costume thing should be retired for any age (and we’ll get to that), but let’s at least retire these for people who are too young to buy with their own earned money.











Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.30.37 PM

As we explained in this post, let’s start a “no sexy costumes” challenge! Ladies, have some self respect — SERIOUSLY! There are many, many creative and tasteful things you can be. Don’t sell yourself short. And, like we said in the “challenge” post, why not go stylish, instead of sexy?





4) Blackface


To all the non-black people out there, chances are, there is no way you can go out in blackface and not look like a racist, so save yourself. I know you may think that if you’re white and your costume is a character who is black, the only way people we “get” your outfit is if your skin is black. But I know tons of black people who have dressed up as characters who are white and none of them have ever been in “whiteface.” So whether you are clueless or just plain ignorant, just stay away from the blackface and find another outfit. PLEASE. Thank you.



5) Trayvon Martin

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 8.46.13 PM

This photo does indeed combine several of these Halloween “Don’ts” but let’s focus primarily on the situation that it’s depicting. Obviously the people in this photo are insensitive and don’t care about the life that was lost in this racially charged news story and court case. So if you are considering wearing something even close to this for Halloween now or ever, DON’T! You will look not only racist, but also insensitive, stupid, and you may even have a train to Hades with your name on it  (I almost don’t even want to justify this one with an acknowledgement, but I just couldn’t hold it).




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Kailei is the co-founder of The Vyne. She is an expert shopper, digital marketer and has conducted extensive research on African American women.

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