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Published on October 22nd, 2013 | by thevyne


Reader Letter and Retraction Request: 4 Other Ideas for Women ‘That Time of the Month’

Last month we did a post on “personal tips and tricks which included a surprisingly polarizing suggestion: for women to use Depends at night for their heavy periods. Some women thought it was genius! Others, well, did not quite agree. Here is a letter we received from one reader who had some different suggestions for women during “that time of the month”:

Dear Keesha and Kailei,

It is with much love and admiration for ladies of The Vyne (and all women) that I humbly and modestly ask The Vyne to retract its statements and suggestions to menstruating woman to use Depends as their nighttime garment protection of choice. With all due respect to your source, may I offer a few other (more feminine, comfortable, empowering and contemporary) options for women during that time of the month:

4) Period Panty –  Give it up to the period panty. You know, those panties that you wear particularly during that time of the month. They are good for keeping things comfortable, pantyliners in place and should there be a misplaced leak or two period panties aren’t totally ruined. Grab yourself several period panties…be it cute boy shorts or a bold floral pattern like these from the Eloise Honaka Set or these lace briefs from Cosabella. Best of all, if you want a double duty period panty that gives you peace of mind and gives back to communities, check out THINX.

**THINX is a women’s empowerment apparel line that provides sustainable underwear solutions for women to wear during “that time of the month” and beyond. THINX partners with AFRIPads, and organization in Uganda, to fund 7 reusable cloth pads for every THINX underwear sold to get millions of women around the world back in school.

3) Period Linens – If you have a period panty why not have monthly bed linens as well? You should be washing your sheets frequently anyway so… so what if they get stained during restful nights while on your period? The week of your period replace your pastel linens or ivory whites with comfortable yet practical and patterned sheets. A bold and energizing print will hide the inevitable stain that might not come out entirely in the wash. Check out these prints that will give you peace of mind and worry-less load of laundry: Merrimello Pieni Unikko Bed Sheets or this Nosegay Sheet Set. And if there’s a guy in your life and you’re concerned he may not like the girlie thread counts, just think…would he prefer you sleeping in Depends? 😉

2) Period PJs – Why add more pressure to an already bloated belly with elastic waistbands? Rather than have extra cumbersome material and elastic around your waist (from Depends), be kind and gentle to self but still feel feminine young and alluring even in your dreams with these nighties…sexy, smart and roomy long men’s-shirt or this breathable printed caftan worthy of a queen.

And if you must wear an overnight pad (not Depends) to bed, then a sure fire way to keep it snug and in place while you get your beauty rest is to don some comfy and sporty modal leggings like these from the GAP.

Now for the lady who likes to wear her birthday suit to bed she doesn’t have to give that up just because Aunt Flow is in town…

1) Diva Cup  The #1 suggestion….the all time winner…the worry-free and nip it in the bud solution for leakage, day time or night, is the Diva Cup. It’s actually a suggestion to ALL ladies…toss out those paper products (pads, tampons) save some trees and yourself from toxins and consider wearing a Diva Cup, a menstrual cup that provides unbelievable protection among other numerous advantages. Peruse the website, check out reviews on YouTube, maybe even talk to your ObyGyn and come to your own conclusion…but I guarantee it just might be the right (and deep sleep) solution for you.


Allison Brooke Gordon

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