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Published on October 9th, 2013 | by Kailei Carr


7 Actions Amy DuBois Barnett Encourages Women to Do Now

By Kailei Carr

I had the privilege of attending the 5th annual Blogalicious Conference in Atlanta, GA last week. I had a blast co-hosting the Scandal Premiere Party sponsored by Xfinity with Luvvie from and also enjoyed the great sessions during the conference. My favorite was the keynote by Amy DuBois Barnett, Editor-In-Chief of Ebony Magazine. Have you ever been in church and heard a sermon that you felt was directed right to you? That was Amy’s session. It was candid and personal with so many great insights that I could relate to, so I just had to share. Here are seven things Amy thinks all of us should do:

  1. Embrace Fear: You’ll never be the woman you’re meant to be if you’re afraid. You don’t know how big that “box” can become unless you step out of it.
  2. Be True to Yourself: Never let anyone else define you. No one can crawl inside of your skin and live your life for you.
  3. Realize Your Value and Demand the Best: Realize your value. Expect to be successful and happy.
  4. Put Into the Universe What You Want to Get Back: People can feel your energy! If you put out negativity, that is what you will get back. Be generous, loving and kind.
  5. Have Integrity: Do what you say you’re going to do.
  6. Stay Independent: This is your life and no one can live it for you. “Take care of your own damn self!”
  7. Do Something Meaningful Everyday: Don’t wait until you get the “fill in the blank.” You need to start living now! This moment you’re in right now will never happen again.

Photo courtesy of Ebony Magazine


About the Author

Kailei is the co-founder of The Vyne. She is an expert shopper, digital marketer and has conducted extensive research on African American women.

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  1. Tamera says:

    Wow I needed that!!!

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