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Published on September 17th, 2013 | by thevyne


Ignite Your Personal Productivity

Business Team ChecklisteBy Keesha B.

I’m constantly on the quest for useful tools and information to help make my daily flow seamless. Last year it was all about these cool tools to help with organization. Now I’m on to productivity. I’ve always been a list making fanatic but lately I’ve changed my viewpoint on what personal productivity actually is and the below listed books and tools have been great resources for me in my transformation. Check them out if you need a little boost in your productivity!

Book: The Power of Full Engagement  In a few words: This book was recommended to me and it’s fantastic. It explores the idea that it’s not about time management but rather energy management that leads to more fulfilling personal productivity.

Book: The Four-Hour Work Week  In a few words: This book explores the concept of letting go of “delayed gratification” and thinking differently about how and why you work.

Calendar App: Tempo  In a few words: This is the ultimate smart calendar app. It basically rummages through your email, contacts, etc. and enhances your calendar view by pulling all the relevant info it found into your calendar appointments so you don’t have to.

Behavior App: Habit List  In a few words: You make a list of habits you want to do more regularly and how often you want to perform them (e.g. workout 4 times a week). Then you get to track how long of a streak you can go on. It’s motivating to see the number go up each day!

Grocery App: Shopping List  In a few words: Last grocery list you’ll ever need. Gone are the days of getting home and remember you forgot to get bread.

General Listing App: Clear  In a few worlds: For all the “list” girls out there. It’s a simple, clean looking way to capture your lists of whatever you need to do. With a simple swipe, you check them off.

Bills App: Manilla In a few words: You’ll never miss a bill payment again with this app!

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