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Published on May 17th, 2013 | by thevyne


The Girlfriend Tribunal: Necessary or Nosey?

GettyBy Keesha B.

Think back to when you were in college. The good ol’ days when we lived in the moment, thought about the future with endless possibilities and had ridiculous email addresses like “”. Now think back to your relationships at that time. Those sometimes fun, part time controversial, always emotional, roller coaster ride relationships that seemed to be the most important thing in your AND your friends lives.

You’d spend hours with your girls pouring over your latest relationship drama. Whether that drama was the letter you found in his door room, the girl you found out he used to date, the thoughtless valentines day gift he gave or your need to rehearse a speech you wanted to give him about “where the relationship was going.” There was no aspect too sacred, too private or too embarrassing to discuss with your girls. It was a requirement to keep your girls informed. And if you didn’t, the girlfriend tribunal was on it…sniffing out what was really going on and staging a full on intervention to get you to open up.

Fast forward to today. What happened to the girlfriend tribunal? At what age did our relationship life take a detour off the “my friends need to know everything about my life” road? Is it because we’re older now, wiser now, married now, with kids now? Does being older mean we shouldn’t get into our girlfriends relationship lives anymore? I wonder sometimes about the benefit of the girlfriend tribunal. Perhaps it helped us see things in ourselves and our relationships that we couldn’t see. Maybe it made us face things that we couldn’t face alone. Maybe it helped shape our womanhood, our self esteem. Or maybe it was just plain old fashioned nosey. Whatever it was, whatever it did for us, there’s a point in our “growing up” when it disappears and I have to wonder…should it?

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