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Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Kailei Carr


Three Reminders I Received This Week

By Kailei R.

Have you ever experienced hearing or seeing the same message over and over again in a short period of time? Like, you saw an episode of “Super Soul Sunday,” then went to church and heard the same message, then your bestie mentioned something similar as well. Or you saw a quote posted on Facebook, then a friend emailed you an article with the same quote in it. That was the type of week I had. And when things like that happen to me, I know there’s a reason why I have to pay attention. So in the spirit of sharing the love, I thought I would share those three things with you in hopes that they can be important reminders to you too (I used an image of Oprah since she was involved in all of these reminders in some way or another):

1)   Take Care of Yourself First: If you are a woman and reading this in The Vyne or, chances are you’re driven, have a busy lifestyle, and are probably taking care of everyone else in your life but yourself. You know how on the airplane they tell you that in case of emergency you should put the oxygen mask on yourself before anyone else? It is soooo true. I’ve spent the past several months taking care of my mother, working at a busy job, planning a wedding, making sure my fiancé was happy, getting The Vyne out every week and trying to juggle 500 balls in the air at all times and you know what? I broke. I was good to absolutely no one because I was running myself down to the ground. So do yourself a favor, Superwoman (yeah, you!). Do what you need to do to take care of yourself first so you can be the best wife, mother, daughter, boss, employee, friend and whatever else you need to be (and yes, I’m talking to myself too). Work out, recharge, get a massage, read a book, get up early and meditate, do the things that bring you joy so you can then bring joy to others.

2)   Be Still: When we feel like all is not right with the world, life is crazy or we don’t know what decision to make, being still is the best thing to do. Sometimes we just need to turn off the TV, radio and all of our technology and sit in silence, mediate and pray. Last week there were a couple of days when instead of waking up and doing my usual routine of watching GMA and running crazy getting ready in the morning, I turned on nothing, opened up the blinds to let the sunshine in and just took some deep breaths. Starting the day off in a calm place set the tone for the rest of the day.

3)   Listen for the Lesson: I’ve heard Oprah say many times something to the effect of: God first talks to you in a whisper, then a poke, then a scream then a brick up side our head if we don’t learn the lesson each time. Anytime we are going through difficult times, there is something to learn. In a recent interview with Oprah, Dr. Robin Smith talked about how God doesn’t waste a situation. There is purpose in each and every good situation and bad one. In Oprah’s 2008 commencement speech at Stanford, she said “difficulties come when you don’t pay attention” and that every time there is a hard situation you should merge with it instead of resisting it and ask, “what is this here to teach me?” You can watch the well-worth-it commencement speech here:

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Kailei is the co-founder of The Vyne. She is an expert shopper, digital marketer and has conducted extensive research on African American women.

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