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Published on March 3rd, 2013 | by thevyne


Sound Off: Advice from a Gentleman, “Mr. W.A.”

MoniqueI recently had the pleasure of a candid, no holds barred conversation with a gentleman who is one-half of a wonderful married couple I met through a dear friend. We’ll call this gentleman, “Mr. W.A”. Check out his musings on what women should know and do when it comes to men and sound off! Let us know your thoughts on his advice and if you agree or disagree.

When passing a guy who sparks your interest, say “hi how are you?” Asking the question gives him a reason to stop. Most often he wants to stop you anyway, he just needs a reason and an invitation from you.

There’s no such thing as “I’m not ready”. When a man says, “I’m not ready” what he really means is, “I want to have sex with other women and/or you’re not the right person for me.” So don’t take it too personal.

Regarding intimacy… whether he waits 9 days or 9 months, timing of intimacy doesn’t effect whether a man is or isn’t in to you. If all he wanted was intimacy, then how long he waits for it is relative and is not a good gauge for whether or not he really likes you.

Women don’t grow on guys. If you have to wonder whether he’s into you then he probably isn’t. We either like you or we don’t.

Don’t date a guy who doesn’t have a plan for the date. A guy who gets in the car and says, “what are we doing?”…that’s a guy you don’t want to date.

Don’t get turned off by an eager guy. If he calls the next day, that’s a good thing. A guy who’s really into you will start off giving you 100%. That’s a good thing because it’s only going to go down from there. If he’s eager in a stalker kind of way, then that’s not good and you should def keep it moving.

Every guy knows fairly early if he’s going to make a girl his girlfriend.

Where we take you on the date says a lot about what we think of you and how we value you. In our minds we are thinking, “what does she think she deserves?”, “what do I think she’s worth?”

If you had a date and he didn’t call you after (within two days) he’s not into you, is married or has a girlfriend. No need to try calling him.

Go up to a guy at a bar, compliment him and ask him out..he’ll appreciate it and even if he’s already taken, he’ll let you down nicely. Most guys will be impressed and flattered. Your chances of getting rejected are actually way lower than you think.

Make an effort. Guys are visual and contrary to popular opinion, we do notice a woman who makes an effort with her hair, her outfit, her make up (not too much), etc.

Always look back, because he’s probably looking too. Stop over thinking things.

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