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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by thevyne


The Vyne 9: 9 Reasons it’s Totally Ok to Not be Boo’d Up During Winter

stockfresh_1243041_woman-making-list_sizeXS-copy9. You get to show up to winter black tie events as the mysteriously single yet stylishly dressed woman that everyone wants to meet (or at least that’s how the scene looks in my head).

8. You get to engage in snarky people watching expeditions while hovered over hot chocolate (people watching’s better over hot chocolate).

7. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s cold feet in the bed.

6. You get to hibernate and hide those extra couple pounds you picked up from drinking all that hot chocolate during your snarky people watching expeditions.

5. If you slack a little bit on your “lady-scaping” duties, no one will ever know.

4. You get to go on spontaneous, warm get-away jaunts with the girls.

3. You get to sit back and watch “call back” season commence on queue. You know this season…when the weather turns cold and all of sudden you start getting calls from your “blasts from the past” (it’s gratifying in a “mean girls” kinda way isn’t it?)

2. You get to selfishly and shamelessly make grilled cheese sandwiches on your Foreman grill and call it dinner…cause “who gon’ check you boo?” (RHOA)

1. And the #1 reason it’s totally ok to not be boo’d up during the winter….You get to watch the heart pounding, show stopping, steamy thrill ride that is ABC’s ‘Scandal’ in peace!

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