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Published on February 16th, 2013 | by thevyne


5 Ways to Show Love to Yourself Now


Image courtesy of Woman’s Day

1. Your Morning “Me” Time – Yes, most of us have jobs to rush off to and yes some of us have spouses and children to feed, clean up and get out the door on time, but what about you? You must take your “me” time back and the easiest way to do it is to schedule it. Schedule 45min to an hour every morning, before you start helping everyone else, and use it to just center yourself for the day ahead. It may require getting up a little earlier but the reward you get is the feeling of a calm, ease into the day. Your soul will thank you for it.

2. Your Digital Pep Talk –  A dear friend and Vyne contributor shared this one which is just too cute not to pass along. Did you know you can name the alarms you set on your smart phone? This week try setting a mid-day alarm for yourself and naming it “You got this girl!” or “Way to go beautiful!” Name it whatever you think will bring a smile to your face when it pops up on your phone.

3. Your Fab-firmations – So I watched this docu-drama recently about quantum physics (stay with me here). It talked about an experiment that was done on water where the scientist wrote positive words on bottles of water and some negative phrases on bottles of water. All of the water was collected from the same site and under a microscope the molecules were identical before the scientist wrote the words on the bottles. After letting the bottles sit for a while with the words on them, the scientist reexamined the molecules under a microscope. All of the water molecules in the bottles with positive words looked like beautiful snowflakes and crystal shapes. All of the water molecules in the bottles with negative words looked horrific…disjointed, unappealing amoeba shapes. So the question the scientist posed was, if our bodies are made predominantly of water…what impact are our words and thoughts having on our own bodies? Whether you believe in quantum physics or not, there’s no denying the mind/body connection. So show love to yourself by writing up a few “fab-firmations” (affirmations about fabulous you) and starting your day by saying them aloud and with positive intention each morning (perhaps during your morning “me” time). See how you feel after a month, it will be your own little physics experiment! Can’t hurt right?

4. Your Beauty Splurge – Beauty on the outside is just as important as beauty on the inside. Largely, because your outside beauty is an expression of that which is on the inside. If your inner and outer beauty are not aligned it creates a subtle, subconscious unrest. So while you’re working on your inner beauty, take time once a week to acknowledge your awareness of your outer beauty by doing a quick and inexpensive beauty splurge. Sephora is a great store for this. Once a week pick up a new lip gloss, a new trial size fragrance or perhaps a new moisturizer. Just a little something small to remind you to take care of your outer beauty so that it stays a shining reflection of your inner beauty.

5. Your Re-Boot  – You heard us talk about juice fasting and cleansing before but here’s a less intimidating and easily doable alternative to the week-long programs that are out there. Simply pick one day a week and make it your juice re-boot day. Our phones, computers and cars all run better when they get a chance to rest and re-boot. So why not give your body the same opportunity once a week. When you do, it will give your body a chance to redirect its energy towards repairing your body inside out. Sure it’s only one day, but if you make it a weekly habit perhaps you’ll eventually build up the confidence to try a couple more days.

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