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TV: The Ripe, The Ratchet, The Undecided

woman-watching-tv1Admittedly, TV is our guilty pleasure. It’s fascinating to watch network after network go head to head with whatever content they think is the next big ratings grabber. The content that rises to the top, or should, is what we like to call “ripe”. The content that either borders on the ridiculously insane or is just plain not interesting, is what we’re calling “ratchet”. So here are just a few of our picks for what’s “ripe” and what’s “ratchet” in the TV space right now. Tell us what your picks are and then join us on Zeebox to watch together (you can find Zeebox in your phone’s app store).


The Ripe

  1. Scandal  (ABC) – Starring Kerry Washington. If you haven’t been watching this show, where have you been? It’s the perfect mental escape from a long day because the pace at which the show move and the intricacies of the plot make it next to impossible to think about anything else while watching. Check out the re-cap posts on Vyne World to catch up so you can get in on the fun!
  2. 30 Rock (NBC) – Because who doesn’t love Tina Fey?! Also because this is their last season so they are really bringing on the funny to go out with a bang!
  3. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – It’s amazing that after all these seasons, this already well developed cast of characters can still be taken to new and different places (story wise) and still be such an intriguing cast to watch.
  4. Top Chef (Bravo) – Food. Need we say more? As far as food competition shows go, this one seems to have the best balance of cooking, competition and interesting people to watch.
  5. Project Runway All Stars  (Lifetime) – The season is wrapping up but it’s fascinating to see the really talented designers duke it out. I may even like this better than the original simply because they curate the designers from the previous seasons.
  6. GIRLS (HBO) – Lena Dunham is the creator, writer, director and executive producer…and she’s only 26. I was curious to watch just based on that. If you have an appreciation for quirky comedy then you’ll enjoy this show. Catch up by watching season 1 on demand first.
  7. Tia & Tamera (Style) – Because its good clean fun. For a change. 

Honorable Mention: The Face (Oxygen). It won’t premiere until February but somehow we have a feeling this is going to be “ripe”. With ANTM being on the downslide, it leaves the door wide open for former ANTM judge Nigel Barker (who will host The Face) and model Naomi Campbell to walk right in.

Honorable Mention: Parks and Recreation (NBC). Because Amy Poehler and Marietta “Retta” Sirleaf, are fearless female comedians, the show is super funny and because quietly I (Keesha) have a thing for Aziz Ansari. There, I said it.

The Ratchet

  1. Marrying the Game (VH1) – I tried. I did, I tried. But in order to have a “couple reality show” my philosophy is that the dynamics between the couple have to be compelling and interesting to watch. Arguing all the time does not equate to compelling or interesting to watch. I can think of a few different ways to upgrade this show but for now, it sits in the ratchet category just based on not being terribly interesting to watch.
  2. The Sisterhood (TLC) – Again, I tried. The first episode had several ratchet elements from the weirdly inappropriate way one couple explained the importance of condoms to their daughters to the strange dynamic between the interracial couple on the show. I didn’t even commit names to memory. I had high hopes for this show but judging by the first episode, it’s headed to ratcheville. I hope they turn it around. I’ll be the first to stand corrected.

Honorable Mention: Love & Hip-Hop (VH1). It’s one of those shows that have some people you want to watch and others that are completely ratchet. The original New York cast was “ripe”, the Atlanta cast was “ratchet”, now this new New York cast is somewhere in the middle.


The Undecided

  1. Deception (NBC) – We love that Megan Good is staring in this series and really trying to breakout from her former roles. What we’re not sure we’re loving yet is the storyline. Time will tell if the writers are able to really pull us in.
  2. House of Lies (Showtime) – I watched all of Season 1 and it was good. Then I watched the season premier and it was “meh”. So this one is sitting in the undecided bucket until we see what else the season has to bring.
  3. The Mindy Project (FOX) – First off, love Mindy Kaling. She’s a talented writer who you may remember from her time as a writer/producer on The Office. She’s definitely funny but something about the cast is not quite clicking yet for me. I continue to watch though…jury is still out.


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