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Scandal Recap: One for the Dog

By Vyne Contributor, Cassandra Kwarteng

The first episode of the new year pulls out all the political chess players. David-the knight, Millie-the queen, and Abby, Quinn and Harrison-the little pawn soldiers. It wasn’t as jaw dropping as the last 2 episodes but offered plenty of drama nonetheless.

The show opens with Huck being waterboarded for shooting the president. #poorhuck Meanwhile, David and the guy who represents the Department of Homeland security go back and forth on the idea of torturing people. We read about waterboarding, hear about it, but boy it’s tough to watch.

Olivia’s crew knows what is going with Huck, but can’t do anything about it. Harrison says they are just pawns and this situation has to be played by the stronger chess pieces. So their only move is to wait for instructions from Olivia aka the Queen Bee.

All of the top pieces in the chess match make deals with the devil. The judge makes one when she sold out Huck to Sally Langston to save her Supreme court seat. The group realizes the deal they made with the Texas Hold ‘Em devil, Hollis, is more than they bargained for. The judge tells them he hired Becky to take out Fitz so Sally can be the president. He will do anything to stay on top…just like Millie. So there is no surprise when Millie takes matters into her own hands, literally. It was her well thought out idea to fake Fitz’s signature (while he was in a coma) to get Sally out of the Oval Office.

Now it’s Olivia’s job to sell the lie that Fitz is awake. So she puts her foot soldiers to work. Meanwhile, David is fed up with Huck’s torture, takes off his white hat and tells Olivia. She convinces Sally to release him. Huck vows not to let Olivia down again and sets up Becky who he knows will finish the job of killing the President. When Huck surprises Becky on the roof she says “you will probably shoot me 4 times before I can reach my gun”. He replies: “5 times, one for the dog.”

I think this show does a great job of saying there are NO “white knights” left. ( i.e Huck, David, Olivia) Each person uses a sliding scale based on their perceptions of what is right. Three episodes ago we thought Huck shot the president. #whatthehuck If that were true would we be ok with the waterboarding? Is it ok to throw out civil rights, due process and go straight to punishment when someone allegedly shoots our commander-in chief? Does the fact Huck did not do it change our opinion? Should his guilty or innocence affect our answer?

What caught me off guard the most during this episode is both Cyrus and Olivia appear to give up on Fitz. Cyrus throws in the towel on his career. Olivia is ready to tell Quinn everything she wants to know. Then the phone rings…this chess game isn’t over.

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