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So You Decided to Watch ‘Scandal’

scandal_2012_624x351By Vyne Contributor, Cassandra Kwarteng (CKseesit) @ckseesit

Your friends, co-workers, Facebook friends are talking about it. Now you want to jump on the “Scandal” bandwagon. Well, here is what you have missed:

Olivia Pope heads a PR firm that gets powerful people out of trouble. She got her start as a presidential campaign strategist for then governor Fitzgerald  ‘Fitz’ Grant. They were having a secret affair.

Olivia is also apart of a secret group that is made up of the Chief of Staff, a Supreme Court judge, the first lady and an oil and gas CEO. Their goal – get in the White House.

So they found an employee at a company called Cytron who developed this software for voting machines. The group uses it to rig the election in Ohio. That gets ’Fitz’ the presidency. When the Cytron employee starts asking questions, Hollis, the oil and gas CEO has the office blown up. 6 people were killed. He puts the blame on Lindsay Doyle, the girlfriend of the employee.

Olivia helps Lindsay get a new identity (Quinn), and a job working for her. The judge in the ‘group’ has Lindsay’s case thrown out of court. David, a district attorney who prosecuted Lindsay/Quinn knows something is up. He finds the link between Hollis, Cytron, and the voting machines. Olivia tries to lead him in the wrong direction. It works for a while but he gives James, a reporter, all the info.  Now James has proof about the machines. He tells his Cyrus, the Chief of staff and his husband.

Huck is an ex-superspy. He works for Olivia and is for a better word ‘special’. Well, he joins an AA type group and meets a girl he likes. Come to find out she is a spy too and sets Huck up to take the fall for an assassination attempt on the President. ’Fitz’ and the press secretary are shot. The press secretary dies and ‘Fitz’ fights to live. Meanwhile, the vice-president takes his spot and Huck is arrested.


Who hired a spy to take out the President?

Will Fitz live?

What will Cyrus do now that James knows about the voting machines?

Can Olivia save Huck?

I doubt all these questions will be answered tomorrow but I will definitely be glued to the television for an hour.

Will you?

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