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2013: A Life Un-Deferred

confident-dreamsLast year, we scratched the surface on the concept of living a life deferred. It’s a concept we came across in the book 4 Hour Work Week which basically talked about how all too often we refrain from doing, trying, experiencing all that life has to offer under the guise that we’ll “save it for later.” The “saving it for later” can come in the form of “I’ll wait until the weekend” or “I’ll wait until the holidays” or “I’ll wait until I retire”. So in the article, we talked about putting an end to a life deferred. We liked the concept so much and feel like it’s so universally applicable that we decided to make it this year’s theme: 2013 A Life Un-Deferred.

So what does this mean to you? In plain terms it means this:

  • Get Off the Bench and Get in the Game! – That’s right ladies, it’s time to get off the bench of life. Stop watching everyone else put points on the board. Put an end to being just an observer and wishing you could be the one accomplishing and achieving the things you see others achieve. You can do it too! Make the decision today to get off the bench and get in the game.
  • Dream it on Paper – Ask yourself, what are your dreams, what have you always wanted to do that your fears have talked you out of doing? Admit to yourself what that thing is and make this the year you actually go for it. Make a plan. Usually when you write down the steps to achieving a goal, it starts to look way more achievable than it did in your head.
  • Be Like Yoda – I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but there is one line, said by the all-powerful Yoda, that’s simple yet, profound. He said, “There is no try, only do.” So let’s DO this! Let’s stop deferring, get off the bench and go after that dream, that book you’ve been wanting to write, that business you’ve been wanting to start, that audition you’ve been secretly wanting to go on, that career change that’s calling you, that move you’ve been wanting to make. Whatever it is for you, there is no try…only do.
  • Jump into Tight – Once you’ve gotten off the bench, confessed your dream to yourself on paper and committed to taking action, you have to do what we learned during our pledging days….”jump into tight!” It’ means, pull yourself together and tighten up the loose ends in your life so that they don’t get in the way of you achieving your dreams. Your loose ends could be anything from cluttered rooms in your home and a growing “to do” list that hasn’t been tackled to your finances being out of order and your life in general being unorganized. These issues can highjack your dreams because you end up spending valuable mental space, thinking about them. You should be thinking on your dream and how you’re going to achieve it…not the laundry that’s not done, the bills that aren’t paid, the mail that’s piling up, office that’s unorganized, the emails that are unanswered, etc. You know what’s not tight in your life. Call it out…and jump into tight.

So that’s it, un-pause the pause button on your life and choose to make 2013 the year you live a life un-deferred. Let’s DO this!


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