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Published on December 4th, 2012 | by thevyne


5 Dates to Take Yourself on Now

“If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of others around you?” Chances are you’ve heard this question/statement before. Greater chances are that you’ve contemplated this question/statement on multiple occassions and haven’t quite made good on your promise to “take care of you” yet. We know that feeling. It’s hard to “stop the world” and deliberately decide to invest time in refueling you. But ladies, we can and we must stop the world to take care of ourselves. This world needs healthy, energized women operating on all cylinders. Stop at nothing to “take care of you”. Here are five date ideas for you to plan and take yourself out on now:

1. Tap into  and explore the quite peace of visiting your local art galleries. Click here for a guide to help you narrow where in your city you want to begin your gallery tour.

2. Decide on a class you’ve always wanted to take and take it! Maybe there’s a cooking class you’ve been wanting to take or perhaps a language you want to learn or better still, a painting class to tap back into your creative genius. What ever the class is, sign up, take it and watch how throwing yourself into a learning experience for yourself helps you clear your head. If you’re a techy, check out the classes as!

3. Discover a new hobby! Ok if you really have limited time to yourself but can manage to squeeze out a few hours of alone time once a month, why not pay $2 a month to learn a new hobby? We recently learned about Dabbler , a site that for $2 a month will email you a curated list of “how to” instructions on a particular topic so that you can legit learn how to do something new.

4. Find your spot in nature and go there. You know how in the really good romantic comedy movies the main character always has some special place outdoors that they can go to when they want some time alone? That’s probably the one thing about those movies that’s actually attainable (and worth going after)…finding your own spot in nature to claim, make yours and go to when you need some solace. We recommend having an inaugural and ceremonial picnic for one when you’ve located your nature spot and then go there at least once a quarter (every three months) weather permitting. Suggested places: Botanical Garden or a local park.
5. Remind yourself of what life was like before you were 100% plugged in, 100% of the time. Give yourself an “I’m Unplugged” date. Simply let everyone know in advance that you’re going dark for the day (or for a few hours in a day if that’s what you can spare) and then do just that. No using of social media or technology gadgets with exception to an eReader/iPad for reading books. In the time that you’re unplugged indulge in reading, writing in your journal (blow the dust off of it first), cook yourself a fabulous meal with that new recipe you’ve been wanting to try, meditate, work on a puzzle with lots of pieces…the list of options goes on and on.

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  1. Allison Gordon says:

    Yes…x 5!

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