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Published on December 3rd, 2012 | by thevyne


9 Things I Learned While Having Dinner By Myself in Puerto Rico

By Keesha B.

I recently had the opportunity to take myself to dinner while in Puerto Rico waiting for Kailei to arrive. As I was dining solo, a few thoughts crossed my mind so I thought I’d share them with you. So here they are, nine things I learned while having dinner by myself in Puerto Rico:

9. I have the ability to completely tune everyone out if Pinot Noir is within arms reach.

8. I don’t have to have a technology safety blanket…It’s perfectly acceptable to stare off into space.

7. I get way more attention…Basically because everyone wants to know why you’re sitting alone and if you’re some famous media mogul or business tycoon who is here escaping the paparazzi. FYI, totally would have played that aspect up if I remembered my shades.

6. I actually do enjoy people watching! And oh by the way, I saw plenty of people “people watching” me. I even heard them asking “what is she having? I’ll have that”.

5. If the waiter is cute, after a glass of wine, there’s a strong possibility I may flirt with him.

4. I don’t have to get all dolled up to eat dinner out… Granted I didn’t completely abandon all fashion sense but I totally was rockin’ the “hair pulled on top of the head, lipstick, pop of color and flat sandals” look! And I do mean rockin’ it!

3. I can finish a breadbasket by myself…A fact I’m not entirely proud of but whatever…don’t judge me!

2. Dessert can be eaten guilt free! Even AFTER going “in” on the breadbasket. Because in the words of Sheree’ “who gon’ check me boo?”

1. And the number one thing I learned while having dinner by myself in Puerto Rico is that I can write a coherent and dare I say “mildly amusing” article for The Vyne while sitting in my splendid party of one!

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  1. Allison Gordon says:

    Nothing wrong with being a Solopreneur!

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