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The Vyne Nine: An Evening With The Root 100

If you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, then you know that this past Thursday we had the pleasure of covering the “it” event of the evening, The Root 100. The Root, founded in 2008 by Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. ofHarvardUniversity, is an online destination for the latest in news and commentary from an African American perspective. Their annual Root 100 list is one of the many ways they recognize African Americans who are breaking ground and raising the bar. The night was a festively chic tribute to the best and the brightest in the business and here are nine reasons why we enjoyed the celebration:


1)     Inspiring Women – We just love walking into a room where women are running things. Sheryl Salomon, Managing Editor of The Root, and Donna Byrd, Publisher of The Root, set the tone for a classy affair and kicked the program off in style. 

2)     Moments of Pride – Listening to Henry Louis Gates Jr. get candid about the state of African Americans, politics and sharing his personal musings on his education and how he was a benefactor of affirmative action felt like we were being treated to an evening in his lecture hall.

3)     Location, Location, Location – This year’s Root 100 affair was staged in the posh yet urban setting of the Tribeca Rooftop. There’s something aboutNew York City that just makes it the perfect compliment for a stunning evening affair. The exposed brick, the romantic chandeliers and the hues of winter whites, magentas and warm earth tones all added to the elegant atmosphere of the evening. 

4)     Food Glorious Food – Can you say all you can eat sushi, shumai and all things dim sum? The food spread was divine and the plated meal rivaled the tasty dishes whipped up on any of today’s top cooking shows.  

5)     Celeb Spotting – After staking out our spot in front of the proverbial “step and repeat”, we were able to snap some great shots of the honorees and celeb attendees as they arrived. Tastemakers, journalists, business tycoons and media personalities like Toure, Melissa Harris-Perry, Suzanne Malveaux, Wes Moore, Khalil Gibran Muhammad Jr., Eddie Glaude, Benjamin Crump and Tara Wall were but a few of the elite faces in the place.

6)     Fun Root Staffers – Several Root staffers were in attendance to enjoy the evening. We had the pleasure of sitting at the table with Root staffer, blogger, author and political analyst, Keli Goff. Translation, we had a lot of laughs, fun commentary and a relaxed table vibe.     

7)     Fashion Fabulous – To say this was a well-dressed crowd is putting it lightly. The venue was lit up by the bold fabric color choices and sparkling add-ons adorning the cocktail dresses of the stylish women in the crowd. Kailei rocked a playful yet sultry sheer polka dot dress while Keesha dawned a navy lace moment by DVF.

8)     Never-ending Networking – Sit down dinner events like this one are the best way to practice growing your network, particularly if you’re someone who is shy about approaching people. When you’re at a sit down dinner you have a captive collective of people to meet, greet and share cards with, which is exactly what we did.

9)     Quotable Moments – Anytime you have a gathering of smart, powerful people at the top of their game, you’re bound to hear some memorable nuggets of wisdom. There were several throughout the evening, but here’s one from Tara Wall, “At times it is easy to dislike what you don’t understand and it’s hard to understand what you dislike…let’s all aim to understand.”

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