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Published on October 27th, 2012 | by thevyne


Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sian Morson

Name: Sian Morson

Twitter handle: @xianamoy

Hometown: New York, NY

Roles you play in life: Founder/CEO, Mobile Evangelist

Education: BFA Film & Television – New York University | MFA Electronic Arts – Middlesex University

Business ventures:  Kollective MobileArtKollect

Tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur. What led you to strike out on your own? As a former project manager, I’ve always led  and managed large, muti-disciplinary teams and I’ve always gotten great results. When the mobile revolution began, I was fascinated by the personal nature of these devices and I knew that they would change the way people interact with each other and with technology forever.  After running the mobile division of the number one independent healthcare agency, I decided to branch out on my own. Founding Kollective Mobile was the scariest things I’ve done to date. But I wouldn’t change that journey for anything.

Describe your business: Kollective Mobile is the Bay Area’s premiere mobile development agency. We provide top notch mobile development and strategic services to ad agencies and start-ups. Because mobile is moving so fast, companies want a reliable mobile development partner who can help them to execute and deliver against tough timelines but also within their budgets. We offer that. We work closely with our partners to help craft their mobile campaigns and also offer critical strategic input.
ArtKollect provides mobile solutions for galleries, museums and art fairs. Our easy-to-use content management system lets app owners manage and change content in their apps without resubmitting to the app stores.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned from being an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur for me has meant finding strength and resolve that I never knew I had. I’ve always been a little reserved and being the face of my company has meant coming out of the shadows to claim my place in the universe. I’ve never wanted to be in spotlight but I’m learning to embrace being seen.  It also means taking on a lot of responsibility. When you run a business, the buck stops with you. You make the tough decisions everyday, and often on the fly. There isn’t a huge margin for error. But, you learn as you go and even when you make mistakes, you’ve got to keep going. It’s more important to learn from those mistakes than to sit around beating yourself up for them.

What advice would you give someone thinking about starting her own business?Do it! It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur, especially for women of color.  I’ve said this before, but it won’t be the easiest thing you do, but it will be one of the most rewarding!

What is the most gratifying thing about being a business owner?For me, it’s hearing that we did a great job for our clients.

What is the most challenging thing about being a business owner?Not knowing when to say when. As women, we tend to take care of everyone else and put ourselves last. It’s important to know when to put yourself first.

Favorite travel destination: NYC, London

Shuffle your iPod. What’s the first song that comes up? Groove Armada – Paper Romance

Finish this statement, “To feel more centered I…” Run, meditate and make sure I laugh as many times during the day as I possibly can.

One item you cannot live without: My iPhone 5 of course!

Favorite beauty product: Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar/ Iman’s Second to none semi-loose powder

Who have been some of your style inspirations?Michelle Obama, Kathryn Hepburn, Constance White


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