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To Pay or Not to Pay?

By K. Boyd

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point in my adult life I decided it was okay to pay extra for certain things. I’m all about spending wisely and getting a good deal when I can, but there are some accoutrements that a girls gotta’ have. So if you’ve been teetering back and forth on what you should and shouldn’t pay extra for, here’s our starter list to help you decide: 

To Pay: Upgraded airline ticket. If you can pay a little extra to upgrade to a first or business class ticket, do it! I used to think it was a ridiculous luxury but ive since changed my mind. The time and stress it saves by going through the business class security line, boarding early, not having to run around to buy water before you board and knowing you’ll have a space to put your carry-on roller bag, is worth it…especially during the holiday season.

Not to Pay: First Class ticket. No need to buy a first class ticket out right when you can simply pay to upgrade. Generally it costs anywhere from $50-$70 to upgrade when you check-in for your flight. You will need to check-in early though as there are a limited number of these upgrade seats available.   

To Pay: Certain Organic food. I’m a believer that a lot of the random ailments we suffer from comes from the toxins in the food we eat. So to cut down on your toxin intake, buy organic for your meats and any fruit or vegetable where you have to eat the peel.

Not to Pay: Certain Organic food. Foods like bananas, oranges, etc, that have a thick peel (that’s not edible), don’t need to be an organic purchase. So save your dough. 

To Pay: Staple wardrobe items. Items like your work suit, pencil skirt, shift dress and your “go to” pair of pants should be the most expensive items in your wardrobe.

Not to Pay: Accent wardrobe items. Items like the shell you wear under your blazer or the blouse you pair with that “go to” pair of pants, don’t need to be expensive. They are generally not the star of the wardrobe so resist the temptation to spend a lot on these items. 

To Pay: Running Shoes and Sports Bra. If you’re serious about your workout routine (as well you should be), then get yourself a good pair of sneakers. Your feet will thank you for it! Likewise, a great sports bra will last you a good while so invest in a quality brand. I like Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer.

Not to Pay: Workout gear. While you should pay more for your workout shoes and sports bra, you totally should not drop a rent payment on other workout accessories. I enjoy Lululemon as much as the next girl, but its ridiculous to pay that much for clothes you’re going to sweat out…especially when stores like Gap and Target have decent selections for more than half the price. 

To Pay: Good staple jewelry and a watch. A dear friend and avid Vyne reader notoriously gets on me about my jewelry (hey I’m a creature of habit). But I agree with her about having quality, staple jewelry pieces and a classic (or even slightly trendy) watch. They pull an outfit together and always look sophisticated and chic.

Not to Pay: Costume accessories. These are those wonderful little jewelry pieces that add a pop to a wardrobe but that you only wear once in a while or with certain outfits. Since they’re not a regular in your wardrobe there’s no need to break the bank on these pop pieces.

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