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Published on October 16th, 2012 | by thevyne


Vyne Contributor Spotlight: Nneka Obiudu

Name: Nneka Obiudu

Twitter Handle: Nnekums

Originally From: Massachusetts

Current City: New York

Roles you play in life:

– Daughter / Sister / Aunt
– Loyal friend / Confidant
– Foodie / Chef / Healthy lifestyle advocate

Education: BSc. in Applied Economics & Management (Undergraduate Business Program at Cornell University)

Occupation: Digital Marketer and Strategist

What topics do you write about?: As a foodie and self-taught chef, I love writing and sharing my food experiences (both locally and globally) with others. I find it rewarding whenever I get the opportunity to educate people on how to live a healthy lifestyle through the types of foods and drinks they consume. Simply put, we are what we eat. I feel it’s time for us to shift our perspective about food from one of instant gratification to one of nourishment and wholesome experience. I look forward to sharing my delicious and healthy recipes, which are easy and quick to make with you.

When I am not writing about food, I write about how brands can leverage inter-connected devices and social media to accelerate traffic and drive conversion.

What drives your passion for Food?: My passion for food and cooking started at a very young age. Since I can remember, I have always loved being in the kitchen. Whether it was helping my mother prepare ingredients or being her second pair of taste buds, I was always by her side learning the fundamentals on how to prepare a delicious meal. As I grew older, I continued my experimentation with cooking and over the years, I mastered the characteristics of various food types and how they can be combined to create a scrumptious and delicious meal…..even with minimal ingredients. For me, cooking is a combination of art, science, creativity and self-expression.

What, in your opinion, is good food?: Good food is food that is fresh, cooked to perfection, delicious to the eyes and taste buds and most importantly, nourishes and energizes the body of the consumer.

3 Words that Describe You: Optimist, Thoughtful, and Charismatic

Finish this Sentence,“To feel more centered I…”: treat myself to a delicious home-cooked gourmet meal such as pan-seared lobster tails with olive oil and herbs, while sipping on some fine wine.

What is Your Favorite Restaurant?: Convivium Osteria in Brooklyn, New York. Some of my favorite meals that I have had at this place include: Green apple and cinnamon ravioli with duck ragu, Pan roasted free range quail with dry figs and port wine reduction and the pacific ocean prawns roasted with ‘flor de sal’…very delish!

What are You Most Proud of?: The strategic steps that I have taken towards pursuing my passion. I am building an online platform that would teach people how to prepare simple, healthy and delicious meals based on my innovative recipes.

What Words Do You Live By?: The words that I live by are driven by my faith. I go to this one frequently, “Never stop believing because the will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.”

What Was the Last Thing that Inspired You?: DigitalUndivided FOCUS100 Conference for Black women in technology. Very inspirational!

What is Your Favorite Travel Destination?: I have travelled extensively around Europe, but Italy is my favorite. I spent two weeks traveling around this country and I had the opportunity to experience and taste various cuisines and wines from each region that I visited. Every bite of food was an explosion of authentic, delicious and complex tastes. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to visit again.


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2 Responses to Vyne Contributor Spotlight: Nneka Obiudu

  1. Catherine Obiudu says:

    Go girl – not surprised at all – you’ve got the charisma for cuisines right from childhood. Yes you’ve always hung around me in the kitchen while I prepared family meals and you have demonstrated incredible talent for preparing foods – glad you will fulfill your dreams.


  2. Nneka Obiudu says:

    Aww…Thanks Mom! Love ya!

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