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The End of a Life Deferred

By K. Boyd

Every Monday when I enter the elevator banks at work I hear the same chorus of moans: “Ugh! It’s Monday!” “The weekend went by too fast”, “Just gotta make it to Friday”, “Gotta get over hump day”, “This week is crazy!” “Can’t wait til’ the weekend”.  I’ve even found myself on occasion dreading the dawn of a new Monday. It wasn’t until this past weekend, while enjoying a fabulous outdoor brunch with a friend, taking in the crisp fall breeze, that I asked myself, “why does everyone keep hating on Monday through Thursday?”

I mean, when you think about it, most of us complain about Monday through Thursday because for some reason we’ve learned to relegate our enjoyment time to just the weekends. It’s as if we’ve all conceded that Monday through Thursday is just for work. That means we go through each week, month, year just handing over 70% of our week to “the man.” Since when did our enjoyment, our relaxation, our time to stop and smell the roses become less important than work?

I started reading this book, “The 4 Hour Work Week” and it speaks about the concept of a life deferred. Basically, it’s the notion that we work for years all so that we can save up a decent 401K to retire and finally live a life of enjoyment. It’s this notion of saving our enjoyment for later. The author of the book, Timothy Ferriss, explains exactly how ridiculous it is that we’re saving up our dreams, our enjoyment, our unique life experiences for the end of our careers instead of interspersing them throughout our life now.

Think of how much happier, more relaxed, less stressed we’d all be if we took time each day of every week to do something special for ourselves instead of just waiting to the weekend and trying to cram it all in then.  So I say, let’s put an end to a life deferred. Let’s get massages on Mondays, tea on Tuesdays, write in the park on Wednesdays, thumb through magazines by the pool on Thursdays and feast on delicious food on Fridays.

Let’s stop hating on Monday through Thursday and realize that we work to live not live to work. No more relegating our “life” to two days a week.

Starting today…

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4 Responses to The End of a Life Deferred

  1. Dee says:

    Amen! Thanks for the great perspective! I have been guilty of living only for the weekend! I will set a goal to start taking full advantage of what Mon – Thurs can offer, aside from work! By the way, thank God for job! I will afford me to get massages on Monday, sip tea on Tues, etc, etc!

  2. Cheryl says:

    You are absolutely right! Thanks for reminding us of how important it is to live each day to the fullest. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone – nor is retirement!!

  3. Leigh says:

    Smart! I’ve heard of the 4-Hour Work Week; I’ll have to bump it up on my reading list.

  4. Allison Gordon says:

    Massage Mondays! Love it!

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