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28 Days: A Diet Detox Diary (Days 18 – 25)

By Michelle Cooper

Vyne Reader Michelle Cooper agreed to share with us her diary entries as she embarks on the rigorous 28 day PhysioCleanse cleanse under the guidance of her nutritionist. Read along each week to see how she does! Missed the previous days? Get caught up here

Day 18: Well, I am a little frustrated today…I got on the scale and I am still stuck at the 8 pound weight loss!  I can’t seem to get past this certain number, I think this is the weight that my “body” is comfortable at, however I’m not comfortable so I need the lbs to go away.  I had a great workout this morning, which is always a good way to start the day.  In fact, I have been doing really well with working out in general.  In regards to eating, I did a lot better today.  It does help when you can work from home and not rushing to get to the office. In the evening, another successful trip to the movies…no popcorn, no coke, no candy, and no alcohol.  After the movies, I joined a friend for dinner.  I had the juiciest bottle of water, the best water I think I have had in a long time!  Surprisingly, it wasn’t torture, we were talking so much I forgot that I didn’t eat and my stomach wasn’t hungry. Talk about will power…

Day 19: Another good eating day, I was so busy running errands during the day that food rarely crossed my mind.  I am glad I had an approved meal replacement in my purse to tie me over until later in the day.  Note to self, “Always carry a meal replacement bar in your purse in case you can’t find a clean meal.”  I have realized that I mostly reach for the coffee or food when I am bored so I have been really focused on keeping myself busy.  So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have been getting a lot done around the house.  Thoughts to self, “Well, you can’t eat and you can’t go out so what needs to be cleaned and/or organized around the house?”  By the time I am done with this cleanse, not only will my body be clean but so will my life! As for working out, I took the day off since I have a training session tomorrow with my trainer.  A girl can get a day off from the gym, right?

Day 20: 11 days to go!!!  Boy, does time fly, I can’t believe I am more than half way there.  Today is my last day of this particular phase of the cleanse, tomorrow starts the hard part, 3 shakes a day!  That means no food for 5 days, just shakes.  My plan of attack, I will try not to travel all week so I can battle this tough period at home and to keep myself very busy with work so food does not come into the equation.  Before I talked about last supper, now I am talking about last lunch for five days.  I cooked a very clean lunch and one of my friends came over for a good home cooked meal.  We had salmon, quinoa, and salad.  She too is on the cleanse so we started talking about recipes, I learned some great snacks which I will try after these five days.  So, my goal is to try not to have snacks given I want to drop lbs.  Wish me luck…

Day 21: Today was the first day of having shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard.  I was not hungry at all!!  I am feeling a little frustrated with not losing as much weight as I wanted but I am going to stay the course as I am only 10 days away from completing the program.  I worked out early this morning and I am still feeling like I have a ton of energy and ready to rule the world.

Day 22: Today, I ran 3 miles for the first time in a long time!  After my running experience, I worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes and lifted weights with my trainer whom I have a love/hate relationship with. However, still no weight loss.  I was told to be patient, that at the end of this phase, I should experience weight loss.  I have 3 more days left of this phase.  On the not so pleasant side, I have been experiencing a lot of gas!! Sooo not cute, thank god I stayed home today!  I am feeling a little hungry before bed so I decided to have hot water with freshly squeezed lemon. Until tomorrow….

Day 23: YES!  One more pound down…total weight loss equals nine pounds!  I really didn’t feel like working out this morning but getting on the scale motivated me to get to the gym and to at least do 30 minutes of cardio.  Once at the gym, I ended up doing an hour of cardio, which is better than I had planned.  During the day today, I was feeling a little tired. I think it is because I didn’t sleep well last night.  Anyway, made it through the day without cheating and I only needed to have one snack as opposed to two.  I have actually gotten used to eating before 6 PM and not eating anything before the next day.  Before starting this program, I would have thought I would be committed to a facility with taking coffee out of my diet and not being able to eat anything after 6:00 PM!!  Well, I am proof that the mind is a powerful thing.  To even torture myself more, I met a friend at the movie theatre last night and once again, no popcorn, no coke, no slushy or no candy!  Just a big bottle of Fiji water, which I pretended, was a nice glass of red wine!  (just go with me on this one.) I have made it through 3 days of nothing but shakes, two more days to go!!

Day 24: OMG!  I had the worst nightmare last night. I woke up in a sweat!  Believe it or not, I had a dream that my friends made me eat real food knowing I was only supposed to be consuming shakes.  I woke up saying, “I swear I did not cheat!”  I think what triggered the nightmare was my visit to a friend who just gave birth to twins and everyone was trying to figure out where to go for dinner.  I politely declined the dinner invitation; I am not trying to put myself in a tempting situation.  I can’t believe I only have one more day to go of just shakes. Honestly, I feel like I am on top of the world! I am thinking about extending the 3 times a day shakes for another couple of days.  My weight loss has picked up since being on this phase.  I thought I would be hungry or dying during my workouts but surprisingly, I have more energy than the energizer bunny!  I didn’t get on the scale today as I want to wait until I finish this phase.

Day 25: TGIF!!!  Not just because it is the end of the work week but it is also the end of this phase and I only have five more days until I am done with the cleanse!!! So, I talked the physio cleanse expert and she gave me the emphatic “NO!” to my question if I could extend the three times a day shakes phase for another couple of days.  You know that look you get from your mother when she looks like she is about to “pop” you one?  Well, that is the look I got.  Because I want to stay true to the plan and follow her instructions, I will start to eat “clean” lunches tomorrow.  Additionally, she informed me that we need to make a plan for when I am done with the cleanse.  You have the option of extending the detox for another four weeks or starting a maintenance plan.  I told her that I definitely needed to be off the detox for a couple of days as I will be on a girl’s trip and I need my wine!  You cannot have a girls trip without cocktails.  So, I suggested I would get of the cleanse for the weekend and then start detoxing again. Again, I got that same parental NO!  If you are going to extend the detox, you CANNOT get off and then get back on. Why??  Because you will be introducing the toxins back into your body which you worked so hard to get rid of.  So, I signed up for the one on one consultation with Melissa who will build a plan for me based on my needs.  You have to be careful when you get off the detox as you should slowly start adding foods back into your diet. I don’t know if I am going to start drinking coffee again but I will definitely add a few cocktails back into my diet.  I also don’t know that I need to have dairy back in my diet either…stay tuned, I will let you know what I add back and what Melissa’s recommendations are for me to keep dropping the lbs.

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