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Published on September 8th, 2012 | by thevyne


Vyne Contributor Spotlight: Kelly P. Finley

Name:  Kelly P. Finley

Twitter Handle: @joystreetdesign

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Roles you play in life:  Wife, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Decorator, and Attorney (sometimes)

Education: Stanford Law School, Emory University, and UC Berkeley Extension

Occupation: Owner, Interior Design Firm

What topics do you write about?  I am interested in current design trends and ways to add personality and interest to your space.  I like to discuss design on real budgets and creating spaces that look more collected than simply shopping at big box stores.

What made you get into interior design? After purchasing my first house, I became increasingly interested in home design. I started taking evening classes while working full-time as an attorney to learn more about the subject. After three years of classes, I realized that interior design was my true passion and decided to make the transition and focus exclusively on creating an interior design business.

What, in your opinion, for good design?  Good design is design that reflects the personality and style of the owner while still being functional and comfortable.

3 Words that describe you: Loyal, Candid, and Clever

Finish this sentence, “To feel more centered I…”: kick my feet up and have a glass of wine.

What is your favorite restaurant?  Ichi Sushi, San Francisco

What are you most proud of? I’m proud that I am following my passion and starting my own interior design firm.  Leaving an established career as an attorney was very scary and there are tons of unknown elements but the challenge is exhilarating and exciting.

What words do you live by?  Life is short, live without regrets.

What was the last thing that inspired you? I was recently inspired by the decorations from a child’s (sophisticated) birthday party.

What is your favorite travel destination?  Asia.  We’ve traveled all over the world and the beauty and culture of the individual Asian countries is always engaging, different, and delicious.

Look forward to seeing Kelly’s interior design articles soon on Vyne World!


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  1. Anne Ryan says:

    That was a wonderful article Kelly! Congratulations and good luck with your neew design studio! Anne

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