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Happiness Quest: Installation #2 – Dirty Jobs

Vyne Contributor, Allison Brooke Gordon, is on a Happiness Quest. Join her! Here’s the second in her series. Missed the first one? Check it out here.

By Allison Brooke Gordon

My sister and I would play for hours in our playroom in the basement when we were younger. We’d hop across wooden blocks, pretend chandelier pieces were diamonds, play with cabbage patch kids, and have our own version of American Idol. True happiness! One happy day, a water bug rudely interrupted us. We screamed in horror and both scrambled to the opposite side of the room. Dad away at work, and Mom upstairs on the phone, we had to do something fast. My sister bravely rolled up her sleeves, grabbed one of our wooden blocks and marched toward where we saw the bug crawl. She said, “Stand back, Al, it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.”

From what I recall that playroom was visited every now and again from a similar critter. That was the price we paid for having total freedom and fun in our unkempt, sticky and chaotically wonderful playroom. Knowing that a dirty job could pop up any moment still never stopped us from playing. I will always cherish those memories.

To this day, whenever I know I have to do something I don’t particularly care for, or when something ugly unexpectedly arises, I remember the playroom and tell myself, “somebody’s gotta do it.” Not only does this help me get the job done, it also reminds me that if I take a step back and look again, I’ll see there is likely more pleasure than horror.

Whatever your dirty job, love and cherish the playtime that surrounds it.

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