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Published on August 7th, 2012 | by thevyne


28 Days: A Diet Detox Diary (Days 6 – 10)

By Michelle Cooper

Vyne Reader Michelle Cooper agreed to share with us her diary entries as she embarks on the rigorous 28 day PhysioCleanse cleanse under the guidance of her nutritionist. Read along each week to see how she does! Missed Days 1-5? Get caught up here.

Day 6 – Well, unfortunately still no luck with the “movement situation”.  So, I am going to call the experts tomorrow to be sure they think it is a good idea for me to start. Seriously, I really think this is the reason why I have always had to fight with my weight. I will keep you posted on the conversation with the cleanse experts and see what they say.  I have had a little coffee but not much…I do think this process is going to minimize my headaches.  Hopefully, I can start tomorrow!

Day 7 – I’ve been instructed to continue the pre-cleanse phase for a couple of more days. Well, at least I can enjoy a couple of more dinners with friends before I have to give up dining out completely.  It is one of my dear friend’s birthday so she will be pleased that I don’t have to sit there and watch her eat, I can actually enjoy a meal and a glass of wine.  Do I really have to give up wine for 30 days???  I am having mild headaches but that is because I am trying to wean myself off of caffeine.  I’ve been instructed to take nothing for the headaches…fight through the pain.

Day 8 – Well, it is working!!!  The new powder she gave me is successful! Houston, we have “movement!” Whew, for a minute I thought I was going to be on the pre-cleanse for a month!  I am trying to eat “clean” to prepare myself for the program.  So, I think I will start the full on cleanse on Wednesday.  So, for my last supper…I know it seems like I have had a lot of these lately, I celebrated a friend’s birthday at a fab steakhouse. I couldn’t finish my fish as I think my preparation is working.  I did have a glass of wine and a little birthday cake (I couldn’t let her eat her cake all by herself, right? I mean that would just be rude, right?)  I am ready for tomorrow, I know I can do this…

Day 9 – Day 1 of the actual cleanse!!  Today I have a massive headache but there is nothing I can do about it, so I just need to make it through the workday and then I am going straight to bed.  For the next couple of days, I have a shake in the morning and then I have to eat clean for lunch and dinner.  The first day wasn’t so bad as the shake actually tastes good and I made a slammin’ lunch and dinner.  I am getting a little nervous as I am scheduled to travel tomorrow for one day.  Traveling means, I need to be prepared.  I need to pre-bag my powders, pack the supplements, and pack my portable blender.  I know we are going to go to dinner as a team, I just have to tell the waiter I am allergic to gluten, dairy, and everything else in his/her kitchen!  Ok, going to bed, my head is pounding!  This no caffeine rule is bogus!

Day 10 – Well, I lucked out, my trip was cancelled due to bad weather.  But I was prepared, I drank my shake before leaving for the airport and I packed all the necessary powders, supplements, blender, and my handy approved food list snacks so I wouldn’t cheat.  When I am on a mission, I am on a mission.  But all the nervousness I had around dinner was for nothing because I cooked a “clean” dinner.  Again, went to bed early…you can’t eat after 6pm so what else is there for me to do?  My headaches aren’t as bad today and I haven’t had a craving for coffee, this is not as bad as I thought.  Tomorrow is the start of replacing both breakfast and dinner with shakes, but I am feeling confident I can do this.



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