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Published on July 31st, 2012 | by thevyne


28 Days: A Diet Detox Diary (Day 1-5)

By Michelle Cooper

Vyne Reader Michelle Cooper agreed to share with us her diary entries as she embarks on the rigorous 28 day PhysioCleanse cleanse under the guidance of her nutritionist. Read along each week to see how she does!

Day 1 – Ok, so day 1 isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I guess it isn’t as bad because the first five days doesn’t require you to actually change your eating habits yet. You are only taking the magnesium (mag) pills throughout the day.  Cheers, here is to another glass of wine!  So, I haven’t given up my wine completely but I have been weaning myself off of the caffeine.  Today, I ordered a tall coffee with only milk.  I didn’t even drink the entire coffee (baby steps).  I think that is good considering, I normally have 3 venti coffees in one day!!  Since I spent a pretty penny for this cleanse and I am taking the magnesium pills, I haven’t been off the charts with my eating.  For breakfast, I had egg whites, for lunch I had quinoa with veggies, and for dinner I had grilled calamari with spinach.  Not to mention, I made it to the gym this morning.  So for day 1, I think I am feeling good.  Just wait, the tough part begins in 4 days.  Anyone want to go out to dinner for my last supper???

Day 2– Ok, this is not going to be a pleasant entry.  The first five days of taking the mag pills means you are supposed to have 3 bowl movements a day… um not happening!  Sorry to be graphic, but this is a diary so roll with it. I really think that is the reason why I am fat; I can’t seem to get rid of what I eat.  So, I’m going to try increasing my mag dosage.  Cheers to the last supper!  I ate out but pretty clean, I didn’t go off the charts. Ok, maybe a little…I had a couple of bites of carrot cake.  Oh well, let the mag pills clean me out on day 3!

Day 3 – Darn these mag pills! Still no results in the “movement” department. I may have to take the full bottle if this keeps up!  Today, I did not have any coffee which is good, in fact I really haven’t been that hungry.  I have been trying to eat the remaining food in my house because once the cleanse starts, I need to have a kitchen full of organic clean food. Lawd…give me strength!

Day 4 – Ok seriously I’m about to give up on these mag pills.  So, I re-read the manual…it says that if you are not experiencing the proper “movements,” then you may need to extend the pre-cleanse phase.  However, you should not exceed 9 mag pills a day. I am currently taking 7 pills.  So, I think the plan is to increase two more pills a day and extend the pre-cleanse phase.  So, seeing as it is Friday night I am going to have dinner out with a friend and a glass of red wine is good for the heart! Right? Right?  At least that is what the doctor says…

Day 5– Well, I thought today was going to be the last day of the pre-cleanse, but I’m going to give it a couple more days.  Who wants to start a cleanse on the weekend anyway?  So, I have been doing good. No coffee in the morning and I have been eating pretty clean throughout the day.  In fact, I skipped dinner because I was so dang tired after hanging out with friends during the day.  Skipping meals can’t be good but at least I am not consuming too many calories.  Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping as I will be starting the cleanse in a couple of days. Wish me luck…

Read more on Michelle’s detox journey next week!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Good luck, Michelle! Look at it this way -the “movement” has to begin soon. All the best to you for a successful diet.

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