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Published on July 1st, 2012 | by thevyne


Happiness Quest: Installation #1 – Happiness Pie

Vyne Contributor, Allison Brooke Gordon, is on a Happiness Quest. Join her! Here’s her first installment, “Happiness Pie”

By Allison Brooke Gordon

I want a piece of the happiness pie just as much as anyone else. I believe in happiness and all of its intrinsic benefits. But admittedly, I’ve had moments of moral doubt when I worried that: if everyone takes a slice, what is left for others?

What if everyone does what they want, and says no to what they don’t want? Won’t we become a selfish world… spinning around in our own happy worlds by ourselves?

The better part of my brain and heart tells me I do believe in happiness and my right to it…everyone’s right to it. Especially because I believe in abundance. There is more than enough pie to go around. We are all entitled to happiness if we believe in it, have confidence in it, and act on it – while still respecting others.

I’ve been on this happiness quest since my last day working at a job that was not fitting or fulfilling. I worked hard at perfecting my skills and applying it to the company’s needs. I worked hard at trying to achieve a level of success that wasn’t meant for me. I worked hard at conforming to a work style that wasn’t natural for me. I worked hard to be noticed, respected, valued, promoted. I then worked even harder trying to justify why I didn’t feel happy. I struggled believing that I could and should be happy making a living. After all, the economy is bad, and unemployment is at an all time high. Why should I focus on a job search that brings out my inner happiness and whimsy, when I should be content and grateful for even having any job at all?

Ever since agreeing with my smarter self that my right is to create happiness for self – and that includes how I make a living – I’ve made a personal promise to try to do so. It has been a daily exercise to be happy and gracious for what I have, and more importantly make conscious decisions to participate in life the way I want. I don’t have the exact recipe for it yet, but as cliché as it may sound I’m now working on following my heart and designing my days and life in a way that will bring greater joy.

So for anyone who, like former me, is punishing themselves – intentionally or unintentionally – with whatever your unhappy grind, de-program the thought that makes you continue to do so.  Don’t sit back and let your slice of happiness get stale, and certainly don’t leave it there thinking you don’t deserve it. You do. We all do; and it’s there for our taking. I once felt badly daydreaming about working less at a job that made me unhappy. But that has changed you see. Don’t work less, but work more… not at trying to fight your happiness, but at finding it.

Another slice, please!

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One Response to Happiness Quest: Installation #1 – Happiness Pie

  1. Yasmine says:

    Allison, I love, love this piece. Indeed, another slice please!

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