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Out of the Box Summer Activities

Don’t let this summer be another “run of the mill” summer. Break out of your comfort zone and do some different things instead! Here’s a list of a few out of the box ideas to get you started:

Color Run – It’s 3.1 Miles of Color Madness! You can walk it or run it, whatever you feel like doing. A dear friend and Vyne reader recently pointed this out and we’re going to try it. Don’t let the look of it freak you out (especially the whole hair thing). Take a look and find a color run near you.

Co-Ed Adult Sports – Check out your city’s department of recreation to find out what adult sports leagues are available for you to play in. You don’t have to be a pro to play flag football. It’s a great way to meet people you normally wouldn’t and get in a little exercise while you’re at it.

Act it Out – Ever wanted to try acting or improve comedy? Then do it! Take up a class for a few days in the summer or longer if you like it! Might end up taping into a hidden talent and at the very least you’ll have some fun.

Romance Language – Try taking an immersion language class over the summer. There are generally no books in this approach like there were in high school. Instead, they usually bring in interesting works of art, cultural poems, movies, etc. and you learn the language by speaking conversationally.

Indoor Rock Climbing – This is a fun, safe way to learn how to climb. A group of Vyne readers recently participated in this activity and had a ball! Great bonding for friends and a super work out!

Part Time Gig – On the surface this may sound like work but have you ever wanted to try a job out just because it looked like fun? Maybe you always wanted to try serving ice cream at Baskin Robbins to see the smile on little kids faces. Maybe you always wanted to try running a roller coaster ride, baking cupcakes or perhaps you want a discount from a particular clothing store and you’re good with customer service. Whatever side gig you’ve always wanted to try, just for the heck of it, give it a go this summer! Talk to the establishment and see if they are open to letting you work a couple days a month. It will be a break from the norm and you’ll get a few bucks as well.

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