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The Vyne DVR: What We’re Watching Now

It occurred to me the other day that I don’t know when anything comes on TV anymore. Ever since my DVR had me at “hello,” I seem to refuse to commit my brain to memorizing TV schedules the way we did “back in the day”…a la Cosby Show Thursdays. TV is a great refuge for those days (or weeks) when I need to wind down from all the hoopla and get lost in someone else’s drama…real or fake. That said, while our television watching interests change over time, here are a few shows we at The Vyne are watching now (in no particular order). Do you have any TV shows on your DVR that really help you unwind? If so, let us know!

1) Scandal – Airs: Thursday nights at 10pm EST on ABC; Why We’re DVR’ing: Because Shonda Rhimes has done it again! The writing and drama are fantastically consuming and the cast, led by Kerry Washington, is diverse and talented. Check out this fabulous write-up by Vyne Contributor, JaSaun Buckner.

2) Interior TherapyAirs: Wednesday nights at 9pm EST on Bravo; Why We’re DVR’ing: There’s just something intriguing about watching Jeff Lewis size up his clients based on the disarray of their homes. He is scarily accurate and watching him and his assistant Jenni transform rooms from design disasters to master pieces is quite entertaining.

3) 30 RockAirs: Thursday nights at 8:30pm EST on NBC; Why We’re DVR’ing: I have such an appreciation for Tina Fey. Between her being the first ever female head writer of Saturday Night Live and her best selling book “Bossy Pants”, which I read and enjoyed, she’s a girl’s girl. Smart, funny, ambitious. If you like comedy (in all its forms—e.g. subtle, overt, outlandish) then you’ll enjoy 30 Rock. I encourage you to start with Season 1. If you have Comcast, you can catch up on all past episodes on Xfinity Streampix.

4) Parks & RecreationAirs: Thursday nights at 9:30pm EST on NBC; Why We’re DVR’ing: Amy Poehler leads the cast and is another smart, funny cookie. The writing on this show is incredibly funny, often due to the comedic chops of writer and Vyne Woman to Watch, Aisha Muharrar.  And admittedly, I have a thing for funny man Aziz Ansari who also stars on the show.

5) Veep – Airs: Sunday nights at 10:00pm EST on HBO; Why We’re DVR’ing: Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the lead role, Selena Meyer VP and  is funnier than she’s ever been. It’s an amusing, sarcastic look at what being VP of the USA might be like. Also, we’re enjoying new comer and Vyne Woman to Watch, Sufe Bradshaw‘s poise and quick wit as the assistant to Julia’s character.

6) Shark Tank – Airs: Friday nights at 8:00pm EST on ABC; Why We’re DVR’ing: Any entrepreneur or anyone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur should watch this show. Each episode features several business owners pitching to the “sharks” — successful entrepreneurs Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec — for investment in their ideas. And believe us, it can get vicious in the shark tank, especially when the entrepreneurs don’t come with their “A-game”!

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