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Published on May 10th, 2012 | by thevyne


3 Day Fruit and Vegetable Fast

By Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer”

High levels of fruits, vegetables, greens and beans help you lose weight because they are low in calories, high in volume and high in critically important nutrients. On a very practical level they fill you up, without loading you up with fat and calories. And when your stomach is filled up with high volume, low calorie food, there is less room for other bad stuff.

There is also a growing body of evidence that shows that plant-based foods help to control food cravings and overeating. They are nutrient dense, which simply means they are packed with all sorts of good things for you, which is something most of us know.

But what is new is the idea that a diet very high (much more than the recommended 5 servings a day) can help turn off our cravings for processed foods. They can short circuit the food addiction cycle, and help provide a jolt to your weight loss efforts.

Your Diet May Be Balanced- But Are You?

The average American diet is roughly 8% fruits, vegetables and beans. We are told to eat 5 or more portions a day, but to get real impact on your weight or health, you need to radically and dramatically increase daily intake, and put a special focus on green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and salad. Often what keeps us from doing this is that we are told to pursue a “balanced diet” and to “eat sensibly”. But what if your body is out of balance and overweight? In order to attain balance, might we need to pursue an “unbalanced diet” where we simply invert the ratios of fruits and vegetables in relation to everything else?

What if you don’t like fruit and vegetables

What if you don’t like fruits and vegetables? Take out a pen and list all the vegetables you’ve heard of and we’ll bet there are a few you like. Artichokes? Corn? Cucumber? On this list, circle all the vegetables you like, and tape the list to your refrigerator. You don’t have to eat a different one a day. Find a few you like, and start to incorporate them in your diet. Start by incorporating just one vegetable a day in each meal and one fruit. Maybe you are getting older and would be motivated by the fact that certain fruits like Pears help to preserve your eyesight, lower your cholesterol and help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Just being told that “something is good for you” often does nothing. But if you have a specific reason, for example mapping pears and fruit to better eyesight, it will help in your day to day decision making.


  • Alfalfa Sprouts, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli
  • Collard Greens, Eggplant, Kale, Okra
  • Summer Squash, Spinach, Leeks and Scallions
  • Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions
  • Zucchini, Turnips, Turnip Greens, Artichokes
  • Green beans, Carrots, Celery,
  • Bell Peppers


  • Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Strawberries
  • Blueberries, Pears, Boysenberries, Cranberries, Cranberry Juice
  • Blackberries, Cantaloupe, Melons


  • ½ orange or 1 8 ounce glass orange juice or cranberry juice
  • 2 slices of tomatoes
  • Water


  • Mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers
  • Low fat/low calorie salad dressing
  • Water

Afternoon Snack

  • Bowl of berries of your choice
  • Or 1 apple sliced


  • Green Beans
  • Broccoli, carrot, cauliflower medley steamed

Evening Snack

2 servings raw vegetables

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  1. Demetria Johnson says:

    I have been lacking energy lately. Im ALMOST certain my junk food intake has a lot to do with it. I like the idea of eating more fruits and vegetables, and since MOST of the options you named are good, Im going to try this out. Thanks for the article!

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