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Scandal: A Six Course Meal

By JaSaun Buckner

As a viewer I’m greedy and impatient. I want what I watch on TV to fulfill all my sensory needs.  If a TV show were a meal I would need about a six courses, complete with soup, salad, hot appetizer, entree, dessert, and wine plus coffee.  Or in “TV Talk,” a juicy teaser, an opening act that holds my interest or intrigue, great characters, a worthy subplot, dialogue that dances, dramatic twists and a solid ending.  The first episode of Scandal starring Kerry Washington from Executive Producer and fellow Chicago native, Shonda Rhimes did all that. The series premiere felt big, important, and interesting.  Simply put — it was great TV!

In episode two viewers got a sliver of Olivia’s vulnerability and the truth (however painful) of her heart as she melted when The President softly touched her hand.  It was this moment that I saw myself in Olivia; a strong woman holding it together while wanting to be loved by someone really special who’s unavailable.  But, like the script says, “hey sometimes one gets away from us”. Olivia’s in a sticky web of deception juxtaposed against the scandal and secret of the once call girl turned political wife, making this an hour of TV worthy of my time on a Thursday night.  The show is filled with politics (and not just the Capitol Hill kind) and secrets, mixed with unmovable strength in the work place, not masked and not buried behind the armor of these self proclaimed gladiators but instead driving their force and their relentlessness.  I’m looking forward to learning about them all and peeling into their back -stories.

Now the true test of being hooked is the third episode.  Olivia’s Jr. associate steps up and Olivia starts to break down and get broken down.  Surprise surprise Olivia is now tantamount to the scandals she is used to extinguishing.  What will happen next?  I can’t wait to see.

Overall, I think Scandal is a delicious six-course meal of show and based on the first three episodes, I’m comfortable committing to a season pass on my DVR.

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3 Responses to Scandal: A Six Course Meal

  1. Venus M. Johnson says:

    I have not watch the show as of yet, however I was told that it is a very good show.

  2. Ted Evans says:

    Jasaun, you have a writing style that makes me curious and interested in viewing ‘Scandal’. Keep up the written word. I see a potential novel penned by you on the horizon!

  3. JaSaun says:

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! Be sure to check out the show tonight on ABC.

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