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Understand Your Dreams…Understand Your Life

By Keesha B.

Have you ever dreamed you were trying to scream and couldn’t get a sound out? Or that you were falling or perhaps trying to run away from something and could only go in slow motion? Better yet, have you ever wondered why you forget your dreams as soon as you wake up? Maybe it’s me but I’ve often wondered about dreams; their significance, their purpose and are they our subconscious guide to life.

I had the pleasure of sitting in a seminar on dream interpretation given by Lauri Loewenberg (@TheDreamExpert) at a conference last year. Laurie is a well-respected certified dream analyst who has appeared on several popular programs including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, The View and The Today Show to name a few.

At the seminar I attended I got to witness Laurie actually interpreting people’s dreams on the spot. People threw some real doozies her way and she was quite impressive if I do say so myself. I came across my notes from the seminar recently and summarized them below. Recommend you check out her books here for more insightful information and cool tips for understanding your dreams:

Lauri’s Rules on Interpreting Your Dreams:

1.  Dreams Speak in Metaphors – Basically our dreams are a whole new language. They show you symbols for what’s happening in your life right now and how you really feel about it. Sometime the symbols are obvious and other times it may take some interpreting. She suggests that you compare the characters, actions and objects in your dreams to the situations in your real life to figure out what they stand for, what your dreams are telling and basically discover the message.

2. Your Dreams Are Always Connected to the Previous Day This tip cleared up a lot for me. The gist of it is when you think you’re randomly dreaming about people and places you haven’t seen in a long time or have never seen it may not be because you want to go there or be with those people. Lauri suggests that all of the events you experience in your day, the thoughts that run through your brain, conversations you’ve had, whatever is stressing you…all of that is fodder for your nightly dreams. So those random people or places are symbols (see tip #1) connected to whatever happened to you the day before or perhaps a situation you are currently in. Best way to make the connection is to keep a journal. At night before you go to bed, journal what happened in the day, what you watched, read, experienced and what’s currently on your mind. Then when you wake up, write about what you dreamed. You’ll be surprised to see the connection!

3. Stay Still When You Wake – Lauri shared that the key to remembering your dreams, apart from journaling as soon as you wake up is to stay still as soon as you wake up. Apparently staying still, or in the same position that you were in while you were dreaming, helps you retain your memory of the dream. As soon as you move out of the position, you disconnect from the dream. Weird huh?

4. Your Dreams Are All About You – Now here’s the trippy part. Everything in your dream is about YOU. With exception to people you deal with on a daily basis making an appearance in your dream (e.g. spouse, boyfriend, children, co-worker, bestie), everything and everyone else that shows up is metaphorically YOU. Our dreams show us ourselves through different people, animals and objects for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of how and why we’re currently behaving the way we are. If you can see yourself – or those directly around you – within the people, animals and objects in your dream, then your dreams will start to really make sense. Lauri teaches that dreams reveal to you your purpose in this life and that the wisest part of yourself is speaking to you while you dream. Isn’t that a cool thought?



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