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Published on March 20th, 2012 | by thevyne


Get Organized: Tips and Cool Tools

Getting and staying organized can often be as elusive and/or non-existent as a Unicorn. One day you’re firing on all cylinders and the next day everything is back-firing. Being organized is one of those tricky aspects of life that, whether you love doing it or hate doing it, you need to do it. Whether it’s for peace of mind, to ensure everything that you plan gets accomplished, or because others are depending on you, being organized is essential to feeling productive and not overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life.

So if you’ve fallen off the “organization horse”, dust yourself off and check out these tools/tips to help you get back up again and be your most organized self yet!


1. Theme Your Days – Sometimes its easies to be productive if each day has a “productivity focus”. For example, maybe Mondays are bills days and Tuesdays are job hunting days and Wednesdays are “fill in the blank” project days. The idea is that the mind feels less overwhelmed when given a main task to focus on. That’s not to say you can’t accomplish other tasks on these days but it is to say that the priority for completion is whatever the theme is for that day…anything else you complete in addition to that is icing on the productivity cake.

2. Weekly Goals – Identify no more than two to three top priority goals to complete each week and check in with yourself at the end of each week. Sometimes having daily goals can feel overwhelming and like you’ve failed if you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do that day. Give yourself a break and a challenge that’s more manageable by instituting weekly goals.


1.  OneReceipt  

Why You Need It: Anyone suffering from receipt overload? Got a business that you need to keep track of receipts for? Then this is the tool for you.

Level of Difficulty: ðð

Description: OneReceipt helps you organize all of your receipts. Whether they are electronic receipts or hard copy receipts this handy online tool allows you to email, scan or take photos of your receipts and then send to your OneReceipt account to organize, track and store important information from the receipts. It can even automatically scan your email accounts (as many as you select) for electronic receipts and import the information to your OneReceipt account. The cool part is that they help you track your purchases, remind you to make returns and help connect you with customer service contacts faster.

2.  Pegby

Why You Need It: If making a standard list won’t do because each task has layers to it, then this is your tool.

Level of Difficulty: ðð

Description: Pegby is a fairly new site for organizing that uses a digital rendering of an index card. Pegby is designed to look like a corkboard of sorts upon which you post your index cards with tasks and move them around the board according to progress, completion, relevance, etc. You can stack cards that are a part of one larger task and you can attach to the cards anything you deem necessary like a photo or a link. You can even share/assign task boards to/with people who are apart of helping you get the task completed. You can color code, tag and archive for later. There are lots of uses for this tool. It’s a fun and simple way to get organized.

How it Works: “How to” Video  


Why You Need It: If your actual mailbox gets filled to the brim and you find yourself setting aside stacks of mail to go through “later” then this is your tool.

Level of Difficulty: ð

Description: Updater is all about getting your hardcopy mail under control.  Rather than spending hours notifying contacts of your change of address, Updater can do it for you. They send secure address change notifications, on your behalf, to the U.S. Postal Service and any business, school, or other organization that you select. You can also remove your address from mailing lists, block particular types of junk mail (e.g. credit card solicitations) and track/edit your preferences as you like. In no time at all your mailbox will be organized. It’s a free service…and it helps the environment too by cutting down on all the paper you were going to recycle anyway.

4.  Evernote

Why You Need It: Because it basically pulls everything you can think of together from all of your devices including your mobile phone, laptop and your tablet.

Level of Difficulty: ððð

Description: Just as the little elephant head on the app icon suggests, Evernote is all about ensuring you don’t forget all the big and small bits of information, pictures, websites, itineraries, recipes and notes that you collect. It creates one “dashboard” type interface that allow you to see all of your “stuff” in one place and organize as you see fit. It also allows you to search for it by keywords so you don’t have to rummage through everything.

How it Works:  “How to” Video

5.  Netrobe

Why You Need It: Because you keep buying that same “black skirt” over and over again and you could benefit from spending less time trying to figure out what to wear, pack, etc.

Level of Difficulty: ðð

Description: A friend of mine told me about this iPhone app after helping me organize my closet. It’s amaze-balls! Basically it’s your closet online. You take pics of your clothes by category (e.g. jeans, shoes, bags, skirts, dresses, etc.) then remove the background (using the app). Once you’ve taken pictures of everything, you can put together outfits without even having to be in your closet. You can virtually “pack” your luggage before you pack your luggage and store it in a suitcase on the app. Lots of other fun and useful ways to incorporate this tool into your life and make your fashion closet organized.

How it Works:  “How to” Video


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