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Published on March 11th, 2012 | by thevyne


Bronner Bros Hair Show 2012

By Leila N.

I recently attended the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and was excited to learn about several new natural hair care products. The ones that stood out the most were Isabella’s Own, U R Curly, 4 Naturals, and Naked by Essations. Other brands that attended were Mixed Chicks and MyDNA

If you have yet to attend a hair show, the first aspect you notice is that every company does it’s best to stand out among the plethora of hair product lines. Isabella’s Own definitely had a big following…not to mention that their booth display was far from boring. Gold, festive balloons spelled out the company name and models with beautiful hair drew you in! The only issue I had with the line was when a representative told me it stood out from other natural hair products because it has all natural ingredients. Then I took a peak at the ingredient list for one of the products and mineral oil was the second ingredient. The representative didn’t have much to say afterwards but I guess it’s not her fault…she can’t memorize everything. To her credit, some of the products were 100% Natural. So for those who are ingredient conscious, some of this line’s products may not work for you.

Most of the stage show demonstrations were about straightening and twists as opposed to natural locs, not a surprise. But, I did get the opportunity to catch up with a hairstylist who cares for her locs using KayVel Curl Wave. If you have locs and have trouble keeping them from unraveling, this hairstylist seems to swear by the results she gets from using KayVel Curl Wave.

By far the most exciting part of attending the show with Kay Vel natural products was hearing how much hair stylists and hair experts have loved the brand and particularly it’s Creme Press for decades! I had a chance to catch up with Dr.Betty Franks, director of the North Carolina State Beautician and Cosmetology Association . She raved about how long she’s been using the crème press and why she’s loyal to the brand. I caught up with a couple reps from U R Curly and Naked by Essations as well for a few mini interviews. Check out for the brief video clips from the show.

I never thought I would see so many flat irons in my life! I think H2PRO flatirons had the largest booth in the entire show. It didn’t hurt that reality TV celebrity Tammy from Basketball Wives made a guest appearance. Prostyles brand was also present and not to be outdone in the “reality TV spokesperson” category, they had Toya, from Tiny and Toya, make an appearance on their behalf.

The show was an experience to remember. For exclusive photos of unbelievable hairstyles and more on the products for natural hair care, visit

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