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Published on February 27th, 2012 | by thevyne


Live Healthy…Be A Kid Again

By Keesha B.

Have you heard of that saying, “everything you ever needed to know you learned in kindergarten?” I never really gave that saying much thought until recently. I decided that I wanted this year to be the year that I start living my healthiest life yet. So I started making a list of all the tweaks and tasks I needed to do to begin living my best, healthy life. As it turns out, everything on that list were indeed things I learned in kindergarten. So if you too are looking to live your best, healthiest life, consider these tried and true lessons from childhood:

Go To Bed – As a kid, bedtime was a drag but when you think about it, do you ever recall waking up and saying “geez, I didn’t get a recuperative sleep last night?” Of course you don’t! Partially because you probably didn’t know what the word recuperative meant but mainly because you went to bed at a decent hour and actually did get recuperative sleep. Sleep is essential for healthy living.

Go Outside and PlayWhether you lived in the suburbs or the city chances are, when you were a kid, some adult in the house told you to go outside and play. Little did you know that being exposed to natural sun light helps stimulate your skin’s vitamin D production. Side note, the healing rays of natural sunlight that help stimulate your skin to produce vitamin D cannot penetrate through glass. So sitting near a window is not good enough. Go outside and play!

Eat Your Veggies – When was the last time you forced yourself to stay at the dinner table until you finished your veggies? That’s what I thought. Add green to your plate more often than not and don’t get up from the dinner table (or couch, or bed, or wherever you eat) until you’ve polished them off.

Get Up for Saturday Morning Cartoons – I can remember waking up like it was Christmas morning every Saturday just because I was excited to watch cartoons. Ok so now that we’re adults we’re clearly not waking up for Saturday morning cartoons but we should still wake early on Saturday. It’s a great time to get in some exercise.

Take Your Vitamins – I remember when I couldn’t wait to take my Flintstones vitamins in the morning. To me they were candy but to my parents they were the vital nutrients and minerals that needed to supplement our daily food intake. We (my big brother and I) couldn’t get out the house if we tried without taking our vitamins. No matter how healthy you eat, it’s essential to take a multi-vitamin. Dr. Oz recently endorsed the GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Active Vitapak with CLA. These supplements provide you with the nutrients your body needs and as a bonus, they help burn fatty acids and stimulate your metabolism.

Snack Time – If you used to bring lunch to school when you were a kid chances are your lunch contained some sort of sandwich along with two snacks. When you add that with the breakfast you probably had before leaving the house and the dinner you had when you came home that totals five small meals. The latest research on weight loss continues to suggest that 5-6 small meals a day are the best way to keep your metabolism going.

Get a Summer Activity – Every summer we were put in some sort of program. Whether it was swimming, summer camp, golf, dance, soccer or what-have-you, we HAD to have a summer activity. This is probably one of the main reasons why we all kept so active when we were younger. So this summer, decide what your summer activity will be. Try taking up tennis, indoor rock climbing or maybe join a running club. Whatever your activity is, be a kid again and do it for the whole summer.


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