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Galentine’s Day 2012

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It’s that time of year again ladies. No, not the time for single girls to avoid all Hallmark stores like the plague and certainly not the time for guys to pull the ol’ “I show you how much I love you throughout the year, so why do you need something now” excuse. It’s Galentine’s Day (shout out to NBC’s Parks & Recreation for coining the phrase in their 2nd season)! So that means whether you’re hitched and planning something wonderful for you and your special someone on Valentine’s Day or single and planning to avoid all conversation of Valentine’s Day, we can all still celebrate Galentine’s Day because don’t we all have fabulous girl friends? Yes! So let’s spend February 13th (the unofficial/official Galentine’s Day) showing our best girls some love. Here are a few ideas to get you started and let us know if you have other ideas to share:

Wine & Sweets – Pick out a few bottles of your favorite wines that pair well with sweets. Invite your girls to bring over their favorite desserts. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes and a sweet wine like our favorite Columbia Winery Cellar Masters Reisling.

Paint the Town in Red – Hark back to your high school days when it was cool to dress similar to your girls. Instead of the way we used to do it (e.g. wearing the same shirt but in different colors) try having everyone wear one article of clothing in red and then meet out at a vibrant bar/lounge worthy of being the backdrop to you and your fabulous friends.

Movie-thon – If you and the girls are looking for something more casual and low-key, try some good ol’ fashion take out (e.g. pizza) and watch a double header of old or current fun RomComs (romantic comedies). Or, you could go completely opposite and opt for more cynical or even funny anti-romance flicks if you prefer.

Dance Like No One’s Watching – Another casual and low-key idea is to invite your besties over for some dancing fun. You can either make a play list of some current and old school upbeat dance tunes or if you have an xbox, break out your Dance Central and Dance Central 2 games. Mix in some yummy take out and a signature drink for the evening and voila, instant celebration!

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