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Published on January 15th, 2012 | by thevyne


My 2012 Resolution – A Grace Period

By Allison Brooke Gordon

Ever just miss the postman; the bus; that project deadline; the coming attractions; the second leg of your flight? And, on an on-going basis?

Aside from my birth, I have never been on time for pretty much anything. Since childhood there was a perpetual tardiness that manifested into a daily ripple effect…

  1. Late to rise in the morning, slow to get dressed, eat breakfast and pack my bag. Therefore…
  2. Late to elementary school every single day – despite my living directly across the street from it. And in high school…
  3. Late to homeroom, study hall and even lunch.
  4. Late for every band, soccer and track practice. Therefore…
  5. Late to detention, so therefore, late getting home. Mom was not happy, therefore…
  6. Late to start my homework, late to come down for dinner, and late to bed.

… and the cycle of lateness continued. I can’t shake this disorder to this day. Thirty-something years in, I find my self frazzled and late arriving to work, to meetings, to social functions, to yoga class, to dental appointments and even to submit by bill payments on time.

My resolution year-over-year is to be on time. I put mechanisms in place to help conquer my work day, like: set the alarm clock earlier (check); prep with to-do lists (check); pre-plan outfits and pre-pack lunch (check); set alarms on my phone and calendar (check). It gets me up, it gets me dressed, fed and aware of appointments, but these tactics do not get me there on time.

In my personal life, to name a few: late in getting jokes; the absolute last in getting a smart phone device; very slow digestion; late to hear the Eddie Murphy “allegedly gay” rumors; late to try the black/ navy nail polish craze; late in landing my first job after college, and much to my parents dismay…late to find Mr. Right, get married, and be a mother.

It dawned on me recently that I really won’t ever change. And perhaps, I haven’t been late, but I’ve been on time—by my personal blueprint, that is.  I have always been in the right place at the right time that I’m meant to be. It has afforded me my job opportunities, my coincidences and my circle of friends who all bend, tolerate or maybe don’t even notice my tardiness. So let me take a step back, acknowledge and be thankful that I have a book club, a conference call, a date, a girls brunch, a yoga class, an electric bill or an airplane ride to even be late for! This is my *fate.

So this year, it’s official, I’m giving myself a breather, a grace period, if you will, to be late—humbly so to others, and forgivingly so with self.

I resolve to not fight the clock to be on time. I resolve to not fight my nature.  I resolve to accept the pace and rhythm at which I move on this earth.

In fact, I will not only accept my lateness but also embrace it. I will try to be late to judge, criticize, gossip, or exhibit walking rage (because I’m mad I’m late). I will be late to check every ping from my phone, and late to flaunt every new trend.

If you relate (bless your heart), you are welcome to join me in my movement. Let us together be late—naturally, fashionably and courteously so. 

*FATE = Finally Allowing Time Exceptions.


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3 Responses to My 2012 Resolution – A Grace Period

  1. Gigi Hayes says:

    Good for you Allison. I think I’ll join you in embracing my own rhythm, as I too am usually late for everything.

  2. Dionne says:

    Allison, it’s so great to come to a place in our lives where we become aware of who we are, but more importantly, accepting of who we are!
    I appreciate your story and brutal honesty! I too, will “accept the pace and rhythm at which I move on this earth.” Thank you!! Be well!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I am with you, Allison! Embrace it and be happy!!

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