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2012: Bold Moves

Now that we’ve all “let the credits roll” on all the stuff from 2011 that wasn’t serving us, its time now for some action. Often times people begin the year thinking about what they are going to stop doing but since we used end of 2011 to do that, let’s use the beginning of 2012 to determine what we’re going to start doing and then actually make bold moves to get it done. Here’s how that looks. If you’ve been “ideating” about things you want to accomplish, tasks that have been piling up on your to-do list, dreams you’ve been dreaming but haven’t brought to fruition, a trip you’ve always wanted to take, a goal weight you’ve always wanted to hit, a career you’ve always wanted to pursue, make this year the year you move boldly and DO IT!

Making bold moves is about being clear on what your intention and direction is and then taking action. It’s easy to get stuck in “ideation” mode or planning so much that you don’t get out the gate. It’s natural because your psyche doesn’t want to fail. But if you never actually make the move not only do you not fail, you also don’t get the chance to succeed. This is not a new notion. You know this already. You also know people or have read about people or seen people on tv with as much or less experience than you, make a bold move and succeed. So why not YOU? Why not let it be YOU who recognizes the potential in yourself, who stands in your corner cheering you on, who feels the fear and pushes past it anyway? You’d be surprised to see how quickly the pavement rises to meet your feet when you start to take bold steps in the right direction. This is your year, now is your time…hoist your big girl boots on then make a BOLD MOVE… and make it today!



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  1. Cheryl says:

    I agree. Take the risks and enjoy the rewards. This way you never have to say to yourself, “I should have done it!.” Just go for it!!

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