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Let the Credits Roll

Yet again, we come to the close of another year. Another year of pretty much the same thing you did last year. Save for a few tweaks, for the most part the year looks “not-so-surprisingly” similar to the year you had last year. Is it because you didn’t keep that brilliant resolution you so diligently wrote down in your newly purchased journal? Or maybe it looks the same because you didn’t leave that job, drop that bum you were dating, move to that new city, save that money, pay down that debt or whatever it was that you were planning to do. Some kind of way you got stuck and next thing you knew, 12 months got pulled right out from under you like a trick rug in a Looney Tunes cartoon. What happened? You set that resolution, intention, goals and promises to yourself with such vigor and now here you are at the end of the year with nothing to show for it.

Well, we have a theory. The theory is that what keeps people from being able to move forward with very well intentioned New Years themes is the inability to “let the credits roll” on some of the stuff that’s holding you back and weighing you down. Be it subconsciously or consciously, you have some “stuff” in your life that’s keeping you from fulfilling your potential and realizing those goals when you set them. So before we reveal what our new year’s theme is going to be, we’re going to start by “rolling the credits” on a few things that just flat out need to stop.

Here’s a starter list and if you have something you need to “let the credits roll on” we invite you to leave a comment (you can be anonymous if you like) and join us on twitter with your thoughts using the hashtag #RollCredits.

As of Dec 31, 2011 let’s all “let the credits roll” on …

1. Drama queens and just flat out drama in general. If you’re entertaining someone else’s drama, politely redirect them when they try to bring it your way 2012. And if you’re the one bringing the drama, pick up the needle on that broken record and…Roll credits.
2. Being afraid to ask for what you want. Enough is enough ladies. Being afraid to believe in you enough to ask for what you want and deserve is so last year…Roll Credits.
3. People who don’t add value to your life. This is harsh but true. Whether its that friend who never seems to have an encouraging word to say or that guy who you’re still “pseudo-friends.” At the end of the day if they’re not bringing love, light, joy or happiness to your life…Roll credits.
4. Passivity without action. Also known as “waiting for stuff to happen instead of going out and making it happen”. If you’re still hemming and hawing about something you’ve wanted to do for the last past several years, either make it happen or…Roll Credits.
5. Hating on people who don’t matter. You’ve heard yourself do it…judging and brooding over someone who ticked you off. At the end of the day, justified or not, that person isn’t relevant to what’s next for you. While you may still throw a “side-eye” or two, having a long, drawn out conversations about why you don’t like someone or something they did is a waste of your energy. And if you’re still doing it, its time to…Roll credits.
6. Your “I was ‘doin it’ back in the day” outfit. Yes it was a statement piece when you bought it and yes you were “doin it” when you rocked it back then. But if it’s not a classic/vintage piece and you have more than five sets of photos in the outfit, taken on separate occasions, by different people, across multiple years…Roll credits.
7. Aspirational clothing. These are the clothes with the tags still on them that you bought to wear when you “lose another 10lbs”. If you still haven’t squeezed yourself into them, then donate them and…Roll credits.
8. Old grudges and gripes. Everyone has at least one and some of us have several that we’ve been nurturing, cuddling up to at night and wearing the next morning. Not saying you need to go around fake forgiving everyone but if its been years since the inception of the grudge and you’re the only person still rip-roaring mad about it…Roll credits.
9. Pop Culture: Add water and stir marriages. Enough already pop culture with these 72 hour marriages. It is just plain ridiculous to hear on TV “Breaking News Jack and Jill aren’t getting along” to “Breaking News Jack and Jill filed for divorce.” If you’re getting married for any reason other than the fact that you found a mutually and unconditionally respectful, loving partnership then you need to…Roll credits on getting married.
10. Pop Culture: Old C list celebs making come backs on weird reality shows. Not for nothing but between the “rag tag” bunch of contestants on Dancing with the Stars this year and the pack they picked for the new show Celebrity Cook Off, it’s just getting out of control. If you haven’t dropped an album, released a film, starred on Broadway or had some sort of standing television appearance in the last five years then pick something new and…Roll Credits.

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3 Responses to Let the Credits Roll

  1. Dee says:

    I’m letting the credits roll on “beating up on myself”! it’s a fact that I’m (we’re) fearlessly and wonderfully made! Yet, I’m the first to highlight my flaws and the areas I need to improve on; I’m also constantly criticizing myself…my hair isn’t right, uh, I’m breaking out, uh, I’m over weight, I don’t feel good about myself,…yada, yada! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! I’m a BLESSED and FABULOUS woman. So are YOU! An abundance of blessings to you all in 2012!

    K & K, thanks for the Vyne!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Ladies, I couldn’t agree more with the areas you suggest to “Roll the Credits” on. Definitely good food for thought. Thanks for the “wake up call.”

  3. Dee says:

    BTW, I meant, “I’m FEARFULLY and wonderfully made” 🙂

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