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Merry Christmas to Me: Guide to After Christmas Shopping

By Kailei R.

Many people who love shopping live for Black Friday deals. But not me. My favorite time to shop is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Why, you ask? That’s when you really get the best deals of the year. Christmas is over and the stores need to get rid of their inventory to make way for the new spring items. And believe me, the retail stores’ sale sections go bananas! Here are just a few tips to consider when going shopping after Christmas:

1. Opt for Stores, But Check Online: I personally prefer to go into the store and rummage through the sale items, but as ecommerce was at an all time high this year, the “sale” sections of retailer websites will likely be pretty good after Christmas. Even of you don’t like rummaging, I would suggest still checking out the stores since they have physical space constraints and the websites don’t.

2. Go for Holiday Gift Sets: The items that you’ll likely get the best deals on are holiday gift sets. You know, the ones in the special holiday packaging that no one would dare gift after Christmas? Cosmetic and bath and body retailers are notorious for these. These are great sets to take out of the packaging to re-gift. If you’re getting married – pull these apart for bridesmaid gifts!

3. Gifts for Later: Think about the gifts you need over the next 3-6 months. I know, the title of this article says “Merry Christmas to Me” but think about gifts for your honey for Valentine’s Day or any birthdays coming up. Also, this is a great time to buy children’s gifts for later in the year.

4. Don’t Forget Target: Gotta love Tar-jay! We love it for many reasons, but during the holidays many companies make those holiday combo packs and special stocking stuffers for everything from candy to deodorant and body wash. Stock up!

5. Prep for Next Year: This is the absolute best time to get Christmas decorations, ornaments, holiday cards, wrapping paper, etc. Why pay $20 for a pack of holiday cards next year when you could pay $8 for the same box this year?

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