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Published on December 24th, 2011 | by thevyne


Are You REALLY Getting Older?

Photo Courtesy of madamenoir.com

Each year you celebrate a birthday someone always inevitably asks you, “do you feel any older?” Which prompts you to look in the mirror, inspect your face, tug at your waist, smile and proudly declare, “I don’t look a day older than my college days”. Oooooh but looks…looks can be deceiving. Oh so deceiving. So here are a few ways to tell if you’re REALLY getting older:

  • If you find yourself working prunes into your daily fruit intake…and taking them down like popcorn!
  • If you’ve ever walked up a flight of stairs and heard your knees crack…then subsequently stopped to catch your breath at the top of the stairs.
  • If your visits to the local mall are preceded by you telling yourself, “I’m going in, getting what I need to get, then getting out of here”…
  • If you ever passed up an evening out because you “needed to get your sleep”…
  • If conversations with your friends now include topics like “cholesterol” and “blood pressure”…and/or you own a blood pressure cuff
  • If a quick bend over to pick something up is followed by a “oh my back!”…
  • If you own one of those pill organizer thingys…and it’s filled with an assortment of vitamins
  • If your patience for buffoonery of any kind is on empty…
  • If you find yourself becoming way more decisive and “black and white” about things…
  • If you have to start actually writing down your usernames and passwords….
  • If you find yourself waging a one woman protest about why theU.S.should have siesta (a.k.a. mandatory naps)…or just in general find yourself discussing your secret love of naps…
  • If your New Years plans are a toss up between going out and keeping it “low key” (e.g. Staying home) and “low key” starts to sound way more appealing…

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