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A Lesson In Balance

By Dr. Maiysha Clairborne of MBSWellness

I receive many of my spiritual and life lessons on the yoga mat.  This morning as I lay in the final posture of my practice Savasana, I had a realization that was powerful enough that I should share it with you today.  I thrive in the practice of yoga asana 5- 6 days a week, and what I love about the practice is that it’s the perfect balance between focus and flow; push and pull; engage and relax… The practice often mirrors my life, and my life often mirrors my practice.  I often say to others “Yoga is my church” because when I am in the studio there is a sense of connection and fellowship in silence with those who practice with me as well as with the yoga teacher serving as my guide.

Like most spiritual experiences-practices, we in our humanity fall in and out of balance.  And like most churches (fellowships) there is humanity that exists inside of the wonderful spiritual experience.  Currently, I’m in a place in my practice that has required a bit more focus than it has in the past, and in the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my flow had become disjointed and forced. It seemed that my practice became more of  just a physical motion with mental analytics than a focus-and-flow experience.  Where typically I experience as sense of well-being, calm emptiness, and balance after my practice, I was leaving with a sense of frustration and judgement.  Whereas I usually looked forward to getting up early to join my fellow yogis and yoginis on the mat, I found that I was dreading even the thought of rising before 7am.  With that dread came the guilt of…”I’m slacking in my practice…”,  and then the comparison, “I’m not as dedicated as…”, and self – judgement “that’s why my teacher says that….(about my practice)”.  As you can see, I was falling down the rabbit hole very quickly.  Then I remembered something that one of my yoga instructors used to say to me when I began judging myself about how far I was getting in my practice…she would say “It’s fine…you showed up, and that’s what’s important. It’s not always about how far you go, it’s just about getting what you need out of it in the time you are on the mat”.

Then it clicked!

I was also carrying this same forceful, self-judging, fear and guilt ridden emotion around a very specific issue in my LIFE as well. In that moment I saw the mirror of my practice right in front of me.  I realized that I needed to give myself some grace & compassion and let go of the fear, judgement, and guilt so that I could actually HEAR my guides very clearly, and  be returned to that state of courage, peaceful clarity and balance.  In that moment I made a choice about my yoga practice (because remember my life and practice mirror each other).  I chose that for the next week I would back off and practice only my basic series to give myself some compassion and grace around the practice itself. I wanted to find that perfect focus-flow balance again.  My yoga teacher asked if there was a specific reason I was cutting back to the basic series, and I couldn’t put a reason on it…and what I really got in that moment is that I didn’t need to.  I chose it because I chose it…and that was enough.

So, today I began my practice with the intention to focus AND enjoy my practice to the fullest.  Not only was the practice a perfect balance of focus and flow, but my yoga teacher was the perfect balance of firm and loving in his instruction and adjustments.  It was as if I was new again.  I lay on the mat in my final posture with that love and euphoria that I was so used to in my closing.  I was so grateful for the lesson in the moment.

As I move about my day, I”m taking that same lesson into real life! The very specific situation I mentioned earlier relates to a  major life decision that I’m making with regard to my career, and today it doesn’t feel scary, stressful or forced. I am filled with a loving acceptance and trust for the guidance I am receiving from Spirit.  I’m am so grateful for This lesson as it has allowed me to re-access my power!

So, the question I leave with you today is this:

Where are you forcing a solution or holding on to judgement, guilt, or fear  in your life?

What will you do today to let go of these emotions of SURVIVAL and embrace your TRUE SELF?

You have a CHOICE ….. BE powerful!


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