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Published on December 3rd, 2011 | by thevyne


Vyne Contributor Spotlight: Dominica McBride, PhD

Photograph by Glass Jar Photography

Hometown: Leslie, MI

Current City: Chicago, IL

Roles you play in life: Friend, sister, daughter, lover, evaluator, partner, helper, truth seeker, inquisitor, writer

Education: PhD in Counseling Psychology, M.Ed. in Counselor Education

Occupation: Program Evaluator, Researcher

What topics do you write about?: Life, love, relationships, program evaluation, social justice, cultural competence, HIV/AIDS, issues facing African Americans

3 Words that Describe You: Loving, Passionate, Inquisitive

Finish this Sentence, “To feel more centered I…”: be still and meditate, run, write, laugh, have a meaningful and heartfelt conversation, think of what I’m grateful for

What is Your Favorite Thing to do When You’re Not Working?: Creative writing

What is Your Favorite Restaurant?: Rajun Cajun (an East Indian/Soul Food restaurant)

What are You Most Proud of?: Helping others, especially through co-founding a nonprofit organization (The HELP Institute) and providing psychotherapy

What Words Do You Live By?: “Be the change you want to see the in world.” “Cherish this moment for it is your life.”

What Was the Last Thing that Inspired You?: A social and emotional intelligence workshop I attended a couple months ago.

What is Your Favorite Travel Destination?: My heart 🙂 Outside of this, I’d have to say East Africa.


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