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Published on November 19th, 2011 | by thevyne


Quiche Discoveries

By Ebony Staton-Weidman

My lovely friend, ABG, made this unforgettable salmon goat cheese quiche a while back. (She also made homemade crepes and candied sausage too, by the way.) I still daydream about her quiche so much that I decided to attempt to make my own in my humble kitchen. I don’t “do” quiche normally or anything resembling baking. Cooking, however, I am becoming quite the chef. But quiche is one of those crossover cooking/baking dishes that requires simple ingredients, yet way too much timing, preparation, and possible flops. At least I thought. I’m typing this while it comes to life in my oven. I just peeked, and I think I have enough time to write this then take a quick shower. I can smell the buttery crust and dill…mmmmmm.

I’ve been into food on a different level as of late. I cut my food with care. I chew like it’s the first and last time I’ll ever eat. And I take pictures of the process of making food as if I’m planning a journey to a far off land and need to make a visual list of what I’m going to take with me.

I’ve always enjoyed eating but not with such appreciation for the full experience. I find myself thinking more and more about things like Kitchen Aid mixers, fancy knives and Le Creuset casserole dishes like having them are like rites of passage or stamps of womanhood. They are little steps toward an even more complex and refined culinary exploration. And perhaps even bigger pieces of this person that I am becoming.

Quiche, in particular, is so decadent. So French. So full. Soon, I’ll add a homemade crust, but for now store bought puff pastry dough is suiting me just fine. The other ingredients in this quiche are simply simple but produce a multilayered flavor that is something beyond simple:

+ smoked salmon, chopped

+ dill, finely chopped

+ lemon zest (I was a zesting virgin until this recipe, I might add)

+ cream
+ milk
+ eggs 
+ goat cheese, crumbled
+ shallots

I enjoy taking pictures, especially of food. You can almost smell it through the computer, can’t you?

What I’ve discovered in making quiche is that I am evolving. I used to hate yogurt and now I love it. I used to freeze with self-doubt at the thought of making anything French. But today, evolved woman that I am, I stand tall in my kitchen chopping and zesting. I like life right now. I love life in my home. And life is always a dream and a discovery in my kitchen.


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