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Published on November 12th, 2011 | by thevyne


Vyne Contributor Spotlight: Alex Hill

Hometown:  South River, NJ

Current City: Western Mongolia

Roles you play in life: Daughter, sister, niece, cousin, godmother, friend, Christian, volunteer, athlete

Education: B.A., Advertising, Temple University

Occupation:  United States Peace Corps/Mongolia Volunteer, Secondary English Education and Community Development

3 words that describe you:  How’s four?  Outgoing, perseverance, planner, chameleon

What is your favorite TV show? Favorites over the years:  ‘A Different World’, ‘The Cosby Show’ (Both positive shows that highlighted people of color in non-stereotypical, diverse roles…and Bill Cosby went to Temple!), ‘Girlfriends’, ‘The View’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Real Housewives of NY/Atlanta/NJ’ (guilty pleasures)

What is your favorite travel destination?:  Zanzibar- the culture, the history, white sands, warm turquoise waters, fresh seafood, beautiful weather…

What beauty product can’t you live without?:  I can live without any cosmetics, but give me a Blistex and/or M.A.C. LipGlass (which I have managed to find in Mongolia) and we are good to go.

Finish this sentence, “To feel more centered I…”:  pray and stand still.

Who is your celebrity fashion inspiration?:  I have always admired Jennifer Lopez’s and Halle’s style with a hint of Cicely Tyson’s glow.

What is your favorite restaurant?:  SoHo and Deltas Restaurant when I’m at home in New Jersey; Capogiro’s has the best gelato in Philadelphia; Veranda Restaurant and Namaste Indian Restaurant in Mongolia; McDonald’s any day.

What words do you live by?:  Thanks to my parents’ encouragement and wisdom, I am able to live by Robin Black’s words, “Do it.  Whatever it is.  If you have a dream take the risks and make whatever sacrifices you can.”  I reflect on Psalms.  In my own words:  Love. Pray. Work hard. Rest well. Stay humble.

What is your biggest accomplishment?:  I often wonder if my ancestors a century ago could have ever imagined that they (I am made up of nothing but their bloodlines) would be living and serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia and would have done all that it took to get here.


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