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Published on November 6th, 2011 | by thevyne


The Mind Body Spirit Connection: Everyone Has It, We Only Need Remember

By Maiysha “Dr.Life” Clairborne

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Have you experienced the “coincidence” of thinking of someone that you haven’t talked to in a long time followed by the phone ringing and them being on the other end when you answer? Furthermore, they say something that you really needed to hear in the moment.  Have you ever asked your Higher Being to give you a sign to help you make a decision, and then you hear a song, or a random person in line says something that makes complete sense to you for that situation?  These are flow experiences, and they have happen all the time. Some may call it intuition; some may call in connection with the Universe; some call it gut feeling; Whatever you call it, developing that connection with your higher self can lead to more of these flow or synchronistic events, bringing you closer to your authentic self and happiness in your life. The key is to become more aware so that you may recognize events as more than just “co-oincidence”.

Our beliefs and assumptions color our experiences, and therefore can affect our unconscious experiences.  What this means is that what we believe we create.  When we constantly place negative thoughts, images, and beliefs about ourselves, or others, we are asking the universe to reflect that back into our lives.  Such is the same when our beliefs and thoughts reflect positively.  Faith and trust are an important part of this process.  Faith is believing without having to have proof.  Faith is trusting in a power greater than you…trusting in the process of life.  We create synchronistic “God” experiences by trusting our higher selves and our Higher Power.  Having this connection affects the rest of our well being whether we know it or not.

So how do we develop our awareness to synchronicity? How do we develop our connection with our Higher Being?  We start by developing a open line of communication.

Here are several ways to do this:

Develops a spiritual practice: It can be anything from meditation to church to yoga to journaling and prayer.  Whatever it is that connects you to the God of your understanding do it daily. Start with 15 minutes and go from there.

Have an attitude of gratitude: I’m sure I”ve driven this point into the ground for many of the wonderful people who read my posts and blogs on a regular basis, but gratitude is an essential part of developing that mind body spirit connection.   Try this exercise: Make a list from A – Z. List all of the things that you are grateful for beginning with each letter in the alphabet. Notice at the end how this makes you feel.  Try beginning or ending the day naming 5 things you are grateful for in that day.  Notice how this changes your day.

Allow quiet time for reflection: We are constantly connected in this cyber information age.  From smart phones to gaming, our minds are constantly being flooded with “stuff”.   With all of this “forced mental noise” it can be nearly impossible to hear the messages that are meant for us from our Higher Power.  There is a saying that prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to God.  When we allow time for quiet reflection we allow the messages of our Higher Self or our Higher Power to be heard.  Messages are constantly being given, but we need to take time to listen. A time for quiet reflection daily will develop our listening skills and will eventually give us the ability to be able to hear the messages in every moment.

Focus on the present moment as much as possible: As alluded to earlier,  our busy, fast paced society often creates a multi-focused mind in many of us—- what did we do this morning, what are we doing tomorrow, what should we have done yesterday—- This takes us out of the present moment where the true connection is.  When we focus on the present moment and appreciate what we are doing right now, our stress levels decrease and we can even find some serenity in not having to worry about what comes next.

Stay in reality and Practice acceptance: Focusing on what could be or what should be takes us out of reality and out of the present moment. By focusing on what is and accepting what is (without being apathetic) we surrender to the process or our Higher Power and allow synchronicity to happen in our favor. There is a difference however in accepting the present reality and being apathetic. We can accept what is and still do the next right thing without trying to force a solution. When we try to force solutions we often make things worse.  Remember this quote, “acceptance is the key to my serenity today”

“God, grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

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